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1,1 thousand Jeep Cherokee respond to Russia because of problems

1,1 тыс. Jeep Cherokee отзываются в РФ из-за неполадок

JSC “Afsia RUS”, which is the Russian Jeep dealer, withdraws in Russia 1122 car 2013 — 2014 model years.

According to the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart), subject to review cars produced since 4 January 2013 and 11 July 2014 and implemented from 11 March 2014 to the present.

The Federal Agency says that the recalled vehicles Jeep Cherokee in the drive wiper is accumulated electrostatic charge. It is noted that “as a result, at the time of discharge of electric charge accumulated in the actuator blade, he may enter the control unit electrical body and damage the internal electronic components of this block”. Added that the faulty unit can lead to failure of the wiper.

The Agency notes that under revocable campaign on the car will check the health of the wiper, and the car with broken wiper and the presence of a trouble code В2349 will replace the control unit electrical body.

It should be emphasized that all of the recalled machines, you must install a grounding bus drive wiper. The Federal Agency adds that all repairs will be conducted free of charge to owners of recalled vehicles.

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