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10 tips stylist: how to create a fashionable wardrobe during the crisis

Anna Guseva — artist and stylist. Today she gives us 10 tips professional – how to create fashionable wardrobe without going bankrupt.

What do you think all the girls in the spring? Of course, a new wardrobe and fresh way! Why are girls afraid of? I’m afraid to leave in malls all of their savings, and in return receive two or three extravagant new clothes that do not match with the rest of your outfit. And again, as always — a closet full and wear, you know… nothing.


For several years a personal stylist, I have developed an intelligent system image creation and updates of clothing, which does not require large financial investments and suited each girl. I want to share with you this development.

1. Sort the clothes.

…and ruthlessly put down everything you’re wearing: “my aunt gave to others”, “what if the leopard will come back in fashion, they say that pink suits me,” etc.

2. Apply the principle of “Three piles”.

Lay out all your things into three piles. The first is the one that never under any circumstances no use to you anymore. With her there are two ways out: to throw out/ give to someone or sell on the Internet (see item 4). The second is that you love it, wear it and it goes to you, sits well, etc. And the third pile is your creativity!

3. Create!

The third bunch are those things dear to your heart, but you don’t know what to do with them. These things, as a rule, can alter, update, for example, to unpick the pockets and sleeves. And then instead of the old coat will vest in the style of Balenciaga, instead of long skirts — elegant mini and boots, painted with spray acrylic will resemble shoes from the collection of Maison Martin Margella.

4. To sell or to throw away.

Many are not used to sell clothes, but now, not only new and branded, it can easily and easy to attach via the many social networking groups and sites like Avito. You’d be surprised how much money you will have to make new purchases. Rule: the proceeds from the sale of things to spend money only on a new wardrobe!

5. Selfies should become a habit.

If you consider yourself above these teenage fun, will have to sacrifice principles. All combinations of things in your wardrobe should be meticulously recorded and stored in a separate folder on the smartphone, a special app or you clear any cloud resource. Without losing patience, you need to photograph the ensembles right at you in the mirror (so you’ll remember how it sits), so that every thing in your wardrobe was involved. Now, waking up in the morning, you are no longer rushing to find something better among the heap of clothes. You only look in the folder “my bows” and choose anything you wear, from ready-made ensembles, where all things are combined with each other. This incredibly saves time and frustration.

6. Not a single Gum.

Do not worry because the six-digit price tags in high street shops and boutiques. Pay attention to new brands of Russian designers, as well as a variety of accounts in Instagram, where at reasonable prices you can order original and stylish things. Watch out for markets where things are very good brands are displayed with big discounts.


7. Do not skimp on the Essentials.

And the main things in your wardrobe is outerwear, bag and shoes. This can be just one item of each type, but these things should be of high quality, because they create a main impression of your image.

8. Create a wish list.

Capture not only what is bought, but also what you have tried, but now not ready to buy. After receiving regular funds from online sales or on the date of receipt of the award, you don’t have to circle the Mall in search of something special. You will always know where and what kind of crazy rag waiting for you.

9. Courage takes.

Don’t be afraid to combine incongruous! Once you decide what is stylish today in your own world, and what is not. If the throat on the t-shirt is stretched (or you just don’t want today neck), pull it backwards, nobody will notice. If you feel that your feet will get tired before time, to the shirt and the jacket easily wear sneakers. But to the stiletto heels with sharp toes perfect baggy torn jeans-Boyfriends. Play with textures and fabrics, try silk with cotton, viscose with flax, experiment. It’s very exciting!

10. Do not make sudden movements.

Blindly pursuit of fashion long ago replaced a reasonable approach. Do not buy ever thing if she just liked it, but you don’t know what to wear. Set aside at the checkout until tomorrow, think about it a little, meditate on the pictures of his wardrobe. If in the morning you will Wake up and realize that the new thing still in your heart and she has a worthy place in your collection — then go for the coveted purchase.

The most important thing is to always be true to yourself and not try to conform or to please others. A bright personality is the best suit in today’s fast world. And for the rest a stylist. Please, I will be happy to help disassemble, alter, buy or order!

Your Anna Guseva: @guseva_fashion_blog

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