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Zilch, not a Roscosmos…

Пшик, а не Роскосмос...

Every time you hear “Putinki”, you know – it sounds hysterical squealing oligarchs, feeling the inexorable March of nationalization

Not had time to be on the Internet the news that the assets of Roskosmos arrested in France at the suit of shareholders of Yukos, as “potenciality” and “vsepropalshchik” struck up his favorite song.


Naturally, the howl could not do without “best analyst of all times and peoples”:

Пшик, а не Роскосмос...

and another expert on all questions

Пшик, а не Роскосмос...

What differs a qualitative analyst from the cheap propagandista?

First, after the occurrence of any of the information reason, the analyst always tries to wait a bit until you get as many details as possible. Novostiei and propagandists seek to write as quickly as possible while the topic is not “cool” and Analytics haste only hurts.

Second, the analyst tries to describe all possible scenarios, and propose possible actions for a successful way out of the situation.

If “vsepropalshchik” a little followed these principles and were in no hurry to “brand mode”, they would have a couple of hours would know that

a) any means of Roskosmos actually arrested was not;

b) were arrested the accounts of companies which are ordered from Roscosmos services;

b) funds were arrested before “Roskosmos” were provided to these companies services.

Well, if they would have waited at least until the next morning, you’d know that promptly held a court and the arrest of the accounts successfully removed. As usual, the drama “all is lost” was another zilch.

But even if really seized the accounts of Roskosmos, and in this case, nothing catastrophic would have happened. Foreign assets in the Russian jurisdiction is still more than Russia’s assets in a foreign jurisdiction, so opportunities to respond to similar arrests French property in Russia is more than enough.

As you can see, a stream of alarmist statements from the same few companies continues. Then merge Syria without troops. The disaster entered the army. Then merge Syria because they withdraw troops. About the Donbass, which “merge” for two years, I generally keep quiet. Now “merge” the Roscosmos.

Really care about the team “kilmacow” and their sponsors is quite another. Pan Nesmiyan in his other opus, dedicated to the creation of Regardie, unwittingly let slip that he is afraid that Putin will return illegally privatised in the nineties the property and destroy the oligarchs (including using Regardie). Thieving boyars always scared oprichnina.

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