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Resguardo Putin will arm the installation of the ejection of grenades to quell the unrest

Росгвардию Путина вооружат установкой отстрела гранат для подавления беспорядков

For Federal service the National guard troops of Russia, which in the project of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin “On the Federal service the national guard troops of the Russian Federation” may be cited as Asgardia, created vosmitonny installation shooting non-lethal grenades, capable of 200 meters to shoot stun and smoke grenades, and also reset the “catchment grid” on protestors.

Referring to the documents of the Ministry of internal Affairs containing information on the development of such a facility, the Agency urban news “Moscow” notes that equipped the unit is a traditional military equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), consisting on arms of internal troops.

According to technical requirements, the future development will be required to provide a firing range in service of internal troops of the interior Ministry of light and sound and smoke grenades and the shots the irritant at a distance of 200 meters.

“The number of trunks must be at least eight with the possibility of changes in serial production, the boundary of the maximum range of shooting of non-lethal weapons shall not be less than 200 meters, to consider the possibility of mounting non-lethal shots at drones with the purpose of reset of means of restraint in a given area”, – stated in the documents.

In addition, as part of the work will need to explore the possibility of automating the targeting and retention in eight independent from each other directions. You will also need to explore the possibility of using drones present on arms of internal troops of the MIA of Russia, “in radio transmission of video in real-time information about the size, force and aggressiveness of the group of perpetrators when carrying out special operations to suppress mass riots”. Model sample and report on the conducted research in the Ministry of internal Affairs will have to get to the end of November 2016.

The Deputy of LDPR, a member of the State Duma Committee on defense Maxim Shingarkin told the Agency that the device is developed for the purpose of Regardie and will allow the staff of the new unit to avoid the use of lethal force.

“The distances of the complex will be sufficient to point to ensure the rejection of disturbances of participants, located on the far edge, or to decrease the resistance in case of capture of the building. In the long term, the installation will be equipped with shot trapping grids,” said Shingarkin.

Head of unit for relations with mass media of the Main command of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Colonel Vasily Panchenkov was unable to confirm or deny the development, saying only that a “weapons and non-lethal effects is a promising and humane direction equipment, it is used and improved”.

Recall that on 5 April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the creation on the basis of internal troops of the interior Ministry units of the OMON and SOBR National guard – security forces, which Western journalists called “the Emperor’s personal army of Putin” to control the elite.

Regardie powers, allowing it to maintain international security

According to the draft presidential decree “On the Federal service the national guard troops of the Russian Federation” published on April 11 on the portal of projects of normative legal acts, the national guard will be abbreviated to be called Asgardia will have its logo, flag and banner, and a new feature Department, compared with the internal forces will be to participate in peacekeeping operations abroad.

The main objectives of Regardie are including participation in the protection of public order, ensuring public safety and emergency regulations; participation in combating terrorism and extremism; participation in the territorial defense of the Russian Federation; protection on a contractual basis property of citizens and organizations; assisting border control authorities of the Federal security service in guarding the state border, transfers “Interfax”.

Among the powers of Regardie – protection of potential objects of terrorist encroachments and places of mass stay of citizens, the protection of important state objects and airplanes. In addition, Regardie shall, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the control over maintenance of safety of objects of fuel and energy complex.

“(Regardie) provides for the President of the Russian Federation, the participation of servicemen of the troops of the national guard, police officers, Federal state civil servants of Regardie in activities to maintain or restore international peace and security,” the document says. As noted by RIA “Novosti”, the law “On internal troops” operating in Russia since 1996, had no tasks for which internal forces could be applied outside Russia.

In Regardie there is military service, civil service and other Federal civil service. The new structure will have the right to suspend or limit in emergency situations the use of any communication networks and means of communication and to implement the right to priority use.

“Management by Asgardia by the President of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the draft decree.

We will remind that the project of Regardie caused a lot of assumptions about the purpose of creating a new structure on the basis of the Ministry of internal Affairs. According to one version, a new division created to protect the current regime and President. It was also assumed that the creation of the new unit chosen by chance: Asgardia can help in the fight against dissatisfied with the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. This version is supported by experts from U.S. private intelligence analysis company Stratfor, which has described the establishment of Regardie as an attempt by Putin to protect themselves from the coup.

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