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Zika fever has forced the automaker to change the model name

Лихорадка Зика заставила автопроизводителя изменить название модели

Indian automaker Tata had a sense of urgency to invent a new name for its urban hatchback.

In February in new Delhi hosted India’s largest auto show, which is one of the major players in the national market had big plans.

Tata has brought to the motor show its most anticipated new models Zica.

The model name was an acronym of the English “Zippy Car” (“prompt/energetic car” – approx. “RG”) and, perhaps, was a lucky find PR and marketers Tata. However, in January of this year there was an epidemiological explosion of the same fever Zeke, which clearly does not benefit the reputation of the model in Tata hope to make the national bestseller market of India.

Therefore, in the company’s management decided to get rid of unhealthy associations.

Now the compact car called Tiago. The name was chosen through crowdsourcing open competition.

However, to fully avoid the embarrassment Tata failed. To change the model name decided too late, already after was printed all promotional products to the motor show in new Delhi. So at the motor show hatchback flaunted under the name of fever.

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