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Yury Selivanov: Brownian Republic of Ukraine


Юрий Селиванов: Броуновская республика Украина


A familiar inhabitant of Odessa wrote me:

“Today went to the market “Cheryomushki”, went in asked sausage Moscow sausage – no. Saying that, svidomye went? –

The clerk already has broken – Yes, he said, were, got to me – why sausage Moscow why Russian dumplings. Answered – questions to the manufacturer, but must go to Parliament, let the law make and rename. But our market is cleverly made, called the TV and the reporters at their heels walked, they didn’t break anything on the New market, just frightened and everything. Says come back next week, will be Moscow”

Good people, yeah what it is?! Markets go some footy person, calling themselves “patriots” and, on the basis of this “patriotism” that satisfies a natural gangster shakedown in retail establishments. No fighting with Russian-made products are actually does not even smell. “Patriots” are just stupid to intimidate those who are clearly not able to give them a worthy rebuff and extort money from them, or just “press” products. The same Odessa continues:

“Interestingly, we have a huge number of TVs and other equipment in the stores is of Russian origin, LG, Samsung and others, but there is protection and patriots don’t go there, and the women in the Bazaar nightmare – please. And there where parts of the “Gazelles” do not go there guys spring will agreat and bones will not collect. Warriors damn it!”

Needless to say – the “police” to “patriots” no questions. Yes she is not averse to spare the time to pagelimit this way.

Even on the basis of this episode shows that the country’s power anymore. That is, in General, is not a country, and the dark forest, where any can with impunity eat and spit out the bones.

People, including those who previously did not understand, slowly begin to “vitiate” where they actually hit. And as this understanding becomes very scary, wishing “with things on the way” every day more and more. Today even the most diligent are becoming interested in housing prices in Russia. About Europe don’t ask – there still will not let anyone.

True and off this site is not so easy. Anyway, if you’re a man of military age, without help from the chief of you abroad will not be released. And to go behind that certificate no fools – immediately to the front will do. Here and I sit in their burrows, because to go, in General, nowhere and what happens next.

In all these tele tales about a nation-wide “revolution of dignity” and embracing “European choice” has long no one believes. Understand that simply dissolved as the last suckers. Understand, but what’s the point? Rights was Bender who said that abroad is a myth about the afterlife. So, I don’t want, and will have to die here, and sooner rather than later. So the map lay.


People quietly hate all this government, its thugs –henchmen and even Russia for what she still did not release them from this nightmare. True about Russia, many have come to understand that hate it, by and large, not at all. For every man the architect of his own happiness. However, all expect that it will be over soon. The army does not want to fight and were scattered in all directions. The officers go to their native home in the Crimea and did not feel “occupied”. And it seems not averse to the same occupation was not only in Crimea. Americans of this army do not want to give weapons because they are afraid that its against them and use.

SBU knocked down catching all kinds of “separ” and “Russian agents”, which is possible if you want to burn the whole country, except the most stoned and successfully perched at the trough of power.

Poroshenko is afraid of everything. He won’t be in the army and even Ukraine. His gang is concerned about the very possible prospect of his imminent drain right into the toilet of history and replace some navaraga, type fluent Georgian. The situation is complicated by the fact that self is really nowhere to run. Except that in Rostov. Putin can and will be. But there is just waiting for the “dear guests” Yanukovych – have it hard too. In a somewhat better position, as always – Yatsenyuk. This rascal, if there will be much to drag out, can be quite a beneficial push to your Premiership too and get the look if not the abode, at least for the future life.

In General this is not the country, and the territory of chaotically moving zeros. A kind of Brownian Republic. Though there are moved not only articulated the zeros, but also the flows of elementary particles in a half dozen still operating nuclear reactors. Which, if the whole of Europe will. And when the local “patriots” will secure not childish and would be nowhere to run, they would remind Europe that they have not only Chernobyl.

In General, it’s all over now and everything is still ahead. Rights Mykola Azarov, who said that the Ukrainian disaster can not wait – she has already arrived. And when the West will finally become clear that no good of this rabble is his will, he has them and will cease to feed. And then the first to ask Putin to enter to Ukraine armies, may be President of the United States. Because America itself is far to Ukraine, and indeed is a bummer, and no one, except Russia, for this thing just will not undertake. Whether you take it for Russia? It is not the fact. Anyway, if the so-called “Ukrainians” will continue to themselves and to scour the markets of Odessa in search of Russian goods, it may happen that for these goods in the form of humanitarian aid, they then have to fight for life and death. But not with Russia and with each other.

Author: Yury Selivanov

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