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You are free not when you do what you want, and when you’re not doing what you don’t want

Ты свободен не когда ты делаешь, что хочешь, а когда ты не делаешь, чего не хочешь

Not all have the understanding of the concept of “Freedom” in full. Someone no curfew and one day off per week, that his soul soared, proud of its own greatness.

And someone should have free access to the Treasury of any, the most seditious of knowledge on earth, the right of any of them to interpret, without coordinating with anyone, even very exotic, an opinion. It is difficult to say for sure, but it seems that Alexander Gordon is right give yourself, sometimes abusing them, but considers himself free from any conditionalities, in addition to his natural charm, intelligence, who will hide behind any outrageous antics, extraordinary look at the ordinary things.


“Only in spite of any circumstances, there are people who can do anything”

These are the words of Alexander Gordon, but, of course, they in no way relate. Such a man as he could not be born from his father – Harry B. Gordon. Thoroughly gifted man (poet, prose writer, artist). The son made films on the works of his father, shares with readers his amazing replicas, each with a letter confirming its originality by the author: “it is Time to bury the talent in the ground, but harder to cope with shovel” or “to Live as boring. Then she, life will be endless”.

And the future famous Russian leading age of five dreamed of becoming a theater Director, collected on their puppet shows for the kids from the neighborhood. It is no wonder that Alexander Gordon easily entered and graduated from drama school named Shchukin.

It is difficult to judge whether this is good or bad, but the first success to Gordon came during life in the United States from 1989 to 1997. Television captured the whole thing. He tries himself as a Director on another channel works staff correspondent. Finally, the ocean created a private company “Vostok Entertainment”. A joint occurs almost simultaneously with the Russian company TV6 project “new York, new York”, which lasted until the return of Gordon to Russia in 1997.

“You give yourself the word to enter the battle, even a losing battle”

At home Gordon spun in the most varied projects: “special case” Igor Voevodin, “Gloomy morning” to “Silver rain”. It was “Collection of delusions” and even alternately with Vladimir Solovyov conducted the talk show “the Process”.

Special attention is given a “Private screening”, which Gordon has twice won the TEFI award (in 2007 and 2008, first for the program itself, and then as host of a talk show). Thanks to this program, the wider Russian public could get acquainted with the author’s cinema, which is very rarely to get into the cinemas, and along with their Directors.

Not less memorable for the TV show “Gordon Kihot” on the First channel. It’s leading obligation and for the most part brilliantly copes with the role of an uncompromising fighter against “windmills” – “annoying mirages and images in the media, books and all reality”. Got this in the author’s program are very different personalities: from Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov to the ideas of human cloning and Russian football. By the way, our football Gordon apparently indifferent. That only is his “Team is the team that we have now. We will not speak of her powers. In addition to faith in this team we have nothing”.

In 2012, in the career of Gordon on television can sometimes be a clear bias in the policy area. For presidential elections, “Gordon Quixote” becomes “Citizen Gordon”, and then see him in the company of Peter Tolstov in the show “Politics” and together with Catherine strizhenovoj in the “pros and cons”.

“Do not be afraid to face the enemy, but terribly with my back to him”

By the way, about politics.

In 1998 Alexander Gordon was thinking (who knows him, or how seriously) to nominate his candidacy for President in 2000. With such a view was created Party public cynicism. To participate in the elections never came. Useless PUTZ was sold for $ 3 to the buyer, who asked to remain anonymous.

Then there was a questionable activity, undertaken with the participation of Vladislav Surkov, is the creation of the public movement “image of the future”. The motive for this Gordon, with his usual way of talking, with accuracy described as follows: “the People today is dark, no one investigated, the mysterious substance that does not align with the Kremlin and does not related to him. There is somewhere some kind of the Kremlin, and just as long as it does not interfere with… In the event of a serious external conflict for him, no one will sacrifice themselves”. This project also rested.

About the same time was an attempt to create a Party intellectuals -PI. The meaning was beautiful: “We are going to engage in a policy! Nobody will make the choice for us…Our button vote for us! And there’s all flashing lights of the deputies! Not their benefits! Now we are all members of political choice. And everyone not in our party – intellectuals”. It is clear that it was about regular referenda held in electronic form. But, who is in Russia need!

“A cynic is a man who is not afraid to say what others think”

Alexander Gordon always accompanied by scandal, gossip, strange stories.

In 2003 Grigory Yavlinsky in court forced Gordon to refute his own statement that the Soviet Union ceased to exist, including because of the activities of Yavlinskogo.

In 2014 Gordon at channel one voiced a non-existent phrase Jen Psaki, which later disseminated by all the media: “It’s just tourists. For example, say, in the Rostov mountains fine medical mountain air”.

The latest scandal involving Alexander Gordon broke out last spring. Then in the program of the First channel “Male/female” Gordon too shamelessly walked on the topic of domestic violence. Rude and ambiguous remarks about the heroine of the transmission, which sounded on the air their family problems, seeking sympathy and assistance, led to unpleasant proceedings in the media, with criminal charges. Gordon with his usual snobbery said the offended lady, “you have to prove in court that she is “not stupid”.

Alexander Gordon, normally, in any kind of holidays wished heroes of the occasion desires: “Because, the more you live, the less you have desires in this life. And without them no purpose. And without a purpose makes no sense. And without meaning there is no energy to live this life to the end and honestly. So do not lose desires.” And he is also a variety of unusual desires!

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