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Workers: pros and cons

Мигранты: за и против

After two shocking murders committed by immigrants (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) our society is seriously thinking over the question, do we need visitors, or, perhaps, we will able to live by themselves? Migration – the phenomenon that was and always will be. It is in nature, so it was in ancient societies, and it is now.

The essence of migration in that one part of a species leaving the familiar place of dwelling, going to the other, with the best conditions for life. If we draw an analogy with birds, that is sent to warmer climes, although they *tiplasty* can often be subjective, and on arrival at the place of the migrant discovers that not everything is so sweet in a foreign land.

Migration is different from forced, to stay at home when there is no possibility because, for example, war or natural disaster, nature, to the social, as people leave in search of a better life (remember the influx of migrants to Europe). Another question, how profitable is the receiving side.

Since ancient times mankind has basically tried from uninvited guests workers to be fenced off by high walls (say, the Great Chinese just because of this built). However, the part still allowed, and even invited to become honorary residents. Like thousands of years ago, today valued scientists and experts in a variety of fields, such doors are always open, there’s shelter, and house. But they and their homeland is at a premium, but because to go nowhere in a hurry.

The problem of any state is not in the migration itself, but to attract the highly skilled workforce with great potential, or investors with a lot of money (because in many countries there are so-called *financial ticket* residence, when in exchange for investment in business or real estate, you quickly get citizenship).

In this respect one can note a very interesting experience of modern China, who announced the program of returning of compatriots: when people immigrated to a developed country working in modern companies, was invited back to China by offering them a much higher salary, an apartment they and their relatives, pensions and other *Goodies*. During the first year of the program only from the U.S. to China has returned more than 10 thousand people, most of whom worked for companies in silicon valley. It is not surprising that the celestial Empire so abruptly jumped up in terms of technology.

The question is, how would her experience be repeated to us to the wolves sated and the sheep intact.

PS: I treat international migration as a normal process of globalization of society – not people the old fashioned way of sitting 33 years on the furnace in my village, Ilya Muromets.
And you – for or against?

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