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Why what happened in Moscow is evil

Почему произошедшее в Москве - зло

Specifically chose this picture since Clean Ponds. A lot of noise, a boiling and seething Moscow, the bicycles, even the old trams, and… the infamous trade pavilions in the background. Already along and across the discussed loss and other suffering of their owners, questions the legitimacy of both the buildings their demolition. In the end – experience of Muscovites from the incident. Also discussed. But not less important things.

Here are the words of major state husband called the Head of the presidential Administration Ivanov. Lower the level of the lexicon of the civil servant.

Почему произошедшее в Москве - зло

But I still lead a very exciting and emotional story, perfectly reflects invisible at first glance detail throughout this mayoral drama.

“At the beginning of the two thousandth near my house built a Ramstore. One of the first in Moscow. It was a modest (by today’s standards) two-story building, on the ground floor selling products, and there were a dozen small shops with shoes, lipstick and other goods.

Among these shops, one selling buttons, threads for embroidery, wool and knitting. Behind the counter sat an elderly lady comfortable with the Hoop. Lady embroidered the sky with clouds, a pond with swans, flowers and butterflies. Even the lady gave all of the setting tips on how many threads we need on the vest, what kind of buttons will like this coat, but not suitable for anything.

I loved to go to the lady, to consider the fabric and colorful threads, to admire the swans and curse bad weather.

Still far from my house was a stall.

It traded in a cheerful Moldavanka Kate, and her assistant, Uzbek quiet kid, always carried me to the car with heavy bags of potatoes and onions. The Moldavanka with Kate, we discussed our children, the difficulties of learning and the same bad weather.

Now I’ll try to explain why I’m so scared it’s a pity that demolished Auchan, and missing the lady with embroidered swans and bulldozers smashed the stall where I was always smiling Kate.

Excuse me if I do it sharply.

You simply lie, if talking about love of country, and you don’t care about what platform to play your and other people’s children, if you don’t care what swans embroider your neighbor, how’s things with Katie, that sell you tangerines. You will never be able to love the Country, the People, the Galaxy – if not love them. If not get used to drink coffee in the morning at a little bar near the station. If not will be 30 years in a row to buy bread from molochnicy that gets up at five in the morning, to you, left at six in the chilly winter morning smell of baking because of its shutter.

You’re not fooling anyone with his false grandeur, if you do not appreciate and do not like small. If you don’t road is simple, honest, quiet life, filled with work and respect to themselves and to the place where you live.

You will not keep in the hands of any, even the great Victory, if not learn to appreciate the daily, beautiful, ORDINARY life.

Filled with human habits and affections, from which, as from bricks, builds a love for great things and great ideas. Only and nothing else, I can tell you.

That’s why today I nearly cried, reading about the night of the demolished Moscow stalls.

I believe that many of them were not good and not too pretty. But that meant only one thing – they are feeding hundreds and thousands of people had to improve and beautify. This is a very simple logic. If you have a sore tooth, you treat the tooth, and not blow off the head. And if they managed to improve and beautify, of which gradually could grow those magical bakery where they bake the muffins according to the recipe of a century ago, and the drugstores, where the shelves are pradedushke brass scales.

Such things make life worth living. It is for this life clinging to the roots. So raising healthy, smart and hard-working children.

Keep talking?”


And it’s hard to disagree. Actually, there was nothing to lead the trade facades of buildings in the city center in the proper form, in harmony with the surrounding space. For the budget of the city is mere pennies. In the end most of them are not “European” or “atriums” that’s certainly a hell of a construction. And about sleeping quarters – do not understand that there could prevent. Go to any civilized foreign metropolis, truly and not in sobanski comfortable, walk not only on the center but on the periphery, and will easily detect all of it. Everything that makes the city albeit slightly era, but an indescribable warm and alive, and not like the combed and dressed in the costume of a dead man in a coffin.

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