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Why Russia was not accepted into NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said recently that “Russia’s aggressive behavior is trying to split the Alliance.” However, the official is sure that NATO is a close-knit organization and in response will only increase their strength. Funny, but a cohesive statement about the ranks of NATO comes amid the refusal of several countries to join the Alliance.

Почему Россию не приняли в НАТО

To join NATO? God forbid!

Commenting on an interview with Jens Stoltenberg, CNN, the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov joked: “Not jumped he would shout “the Russians are coming!”.

During Soviet times, when the world existed two equivalent military unit, the world was relatively stable. This cannot be said about the 1990s and 2000s, when NATO countries, changing regimes in unwanted countries under false pretenses, leaving behind only chaos.

But once Russia is back on the world stage as an independent player, it was immediately accused of being too aggressive. Meanwhile, the leaders of many States, soberly assessing the possibilities of NATO to protect its members, already turned away from the Alliance. Recently the offer to join NATO after the Baltic States refused Finland. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said: “Finland will develop its defence capability as a state conducting a policy of military non-alignment”.

The proposal made by Sweden, also met with a resolute refusal. The Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt said a cut that membership in NATO irrelevant for his country.

Serbia also rejected the possibility of joining the Alliance. It seems that more recently popular on the planet, the military club, to join in which was considered an honor, lost his reputation. The paradox is that our country at one time she was going to join NATO…

Dove of peace? In the cage!

On March 17, 1948 Belgium, UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France signed the Brussels Pact (prototype NATO) for collective self-defence. In response, on 31 January 1949 Stalin in an interview with the Western press showed “willingness to consider joint publication with the U.S. government Declaration confirming that neither the government has no intention to resort to war against each other”. Stalin even said, he is ready to meet with U.S. President Truman for the conclusion of the Covenant.

Alas, there was no response. Then in September 1949 at the 4th session of the UN General Assembly the Soviet Union proposed to sign a “peace Pact” — the agreement on peace between the five powers: the USSR, USA, China, UK and France. His goal was the desire of the USSR to document the refusal of the great powers from using force, threat of force, and called for the resolution of disputes and disagreements by peaceful means only. However, the US and other NATO countries refused.

Почему Россию не приняли в НАТО

The proposal of signing a “peace Pact” Stalin was even twice, in 1952 and 1953, but in vain. In the winter of 1954 at a meeting in Berlin, the USSR made another attempt to save Europe from being divided into two rival military camps, offering to sign a “pan-European Treaty on collective security in Europe”, but again was refused.

As a last attempt to prevent the onset of the cold war 31 March 1954, the Soviet government sent the U.S., Britain and France an official note about the readiness to join NATO.

April 5, 1954 in the headquarters of the NATO discussed the note of the Soviet government. After several days of debate, the Soviet Union on behalf of the governments of great Britain, the USA and France was denied. The USSR allegedly had a purpose to destabilize NATO from within. The result of this decision was the beginning of the arms race that brought the world during the Cuban missile crisis to the brink of a Third world war.

NATO is stronger than Russia? Seriously?

In the media today suggest that modern Russia is only pretending to show himself to be mighty military power, while NATO is many times stronger. Then let’s see what it says about the balance of power in Europe, Washington itself, which in “Kremlin propaganda” to suspect it cannot.

September 1, 2014 the U.S. State Department published a report in which it acknowledged that Russia for the first time after the collapse of the Soviet Union reached parity with Washington in the field of strategic nuclear weapons. It should be remembered that only two nuclear bombs, the power not comparable with modern nuclear weapons have forced Japan to capitulate.

Today, according to the Americans, the forces of Russia and the USA in Europe is comparable. According to the report of the Department of state, 1643 nuclear warheads of Russia and 911 media confront 1642 nuclear warheads and 912 media USA. While by 2020 Russian strategic nuclear forces will be fully re-armed missiles of a new generation. Nothing the US has not declared.

At the same time, important not only warheads but also their delivery. That Russia has a modern high-precision means of delivery of the warheads to their destination accurately and on time, according to the fighting in Syria.

In conventional weapons, Russia will not concede to NATO. As you know, the core of combat power of the ground forces are tanks. The USSR had on the European theater of war, about 20 thousand tanks against 6 thousand deployed in Europe by the Americans. In 2013, Abrams had been withdrawn from Europe. Today in the NATO countries on one new tank coming in troops, charged 10-15 old, while Russia their tanks were not practically reduced. For 2014 the balance of the Russian defence Ministry were more than 18 thousand tanks. A significant advantage over NATO — more than 15 times — Russia has in tactical nuclear weapons. Why we need this, question time for NATO.

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