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Who’s rocking the Balkans?

Кто и зачем раскачивает Балканы?

In Montenegro during a police operation arrested 55 Russian citizens, consisting in a terrorist group “AUM Shinrikyo”. On the spot detentions were found hundreds of SIM cards and electronic means of communication. Details are refined, the Montenegrin authorities already make conclusions, or rather conclusion: the detained perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Illegal presence of people from Russia and China on the European territory, the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels – all this will shake people. They start to panic. Montenegro is waiting for the fate of Brussels? People will need protection of the authorities.

The government of Montenegro will once again remind the people that they are the best defense against terrorism is NATO membership. And Montenegrins simply will not remain anything, except how to agree on a step, crossing out completely, even insulting their entire history.

Now Montenegro is in the status of consideration of a decision on accession to NATO. The people are not ready to forgive the NATO staff members Yugoslavia, Kosovo, etc. There are even video demonstrations. Moreover, to many it seems strange that fierce desire of the government to join the organization.

The referendum was conducted. And this is understandable. According to public opinion polls, the government in the event the referendum failed to gain the necessary majority.

The question is what this war may lead Montenegro? Yes, it’s simple to join NATO to protect themselves from viole with clear side.
Why USA welcomes Montenegro in NATO is also easy to figure out. It is enough to see the card and confirm that Montenegro is an important strategic object, which must necessarily be occupied. Unfortunately, Russia has failed to establish with Montenegro friendly relations, because the latter upheld against us sanctions, so the Holy place is empty.

Montenegro from the Boka Bay. Because Boka Kotorska Bay is the largest Bay in Europe. This is the only Bay through which Serbia has access to an independent water space, if you look at the border. And most importantly, it eliminated even the slightest hypothetical possibility of a Russian base in the region.

If there is any Russian point in the Boka Bay, in fact all the position of NATO on the Mediterranean sea becomes shaky. For one simple reason: on the one hand there is our Tartus, where is our base, on the other hand, for example, there is a base in the Bay of Kotor.

NATO bases on the territory of Montenegro will be able to regulate unwanted excitement, for example, in Serbia, as well as to replace some of the base, in the case of a cooling of U.S. relations with Greece, which is also quite possibly because the country supports relations with Russia.

The easiest lever of pressure is fear. Rocking the Balkans, and this will inevitably lead to unpleasant consequences for many countries.

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