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Who invented the Jewish people

Finally I found out a terrible secret about who invented the Jewish people. I read the same book tel Aviv Professor Shlomo Zand. I must say that discovering this study I was very impressed with another book by the distinguished researcher, “Who invented the land of Israel” and from the first chapters of “the People” I felt an acute disappointment. It seemed that Zand wrote the self-evident things.

Кто изобрел еврейский народ

The fact that the Bible is a collection of Jewish (and only Jewish) fairy tales that I knew and without it. However now I am with some sadness realised that Solomon, Saul and other characters delivering apparently never was, and all the interesting Bible stories this is pure Gong. Especially my favorite the story of how Absalom raped the entire harem of his daddy’s on the roof. It’s simply a realization that Santa Claus is not.

What the bloody invasion of Canaan Joshua Ben Noona, it’s garbage, I also knew since the first course of archaeology, though it was not interpreted as the initiation of the Canaanite tribes to the worship of Yahweh, and the peaceful migration of the ancestors of the Jews from the Jordan to the West.

What, no Titus no the Jews of Palestine were not expelled, I also told another date with “the land of Israel from Alexander the great to the Arab conquest”. The existence in Palestine of a prosperous Jewish communities in the late Roman period, first century proselytizing, the bloody Empire of the Maccabees – all these stories to us were laid out by a Professor in a knitted pile that gives no reason to doubt his patriotism.

But then things went interesting. For example I didn’t know that many Jewish communities in the West began to actively use Hebrew under the influence of the Christians and the Muslims who first entered their sacred languages of worship are Arabic and Latin.

Even more interesting was the story of the Khazars. It turned out that the history of the Khazar origin of Eastern European Jewry was considered quite rukopasnij, as Jewish historians in the “Galut” and Zionist researchers. I certainly emphasized that in Khazaria dominated “purebred”Jews arrived from Byzantium and the East, not proselytes.

This was a common feature of historians-Zionists against the Jewish kingdoms of the early middle ages to emphasize that their core consisted of purebred emigrants from Palestine and proselytes it since two-three man, who then still baptized or become Muslims.

On the trouble in the 70’s it years this issue was again brought the infamous Arthur Koestler, author of the “Dazzling darkness.” Eternal fighter with a trowel and a friend of Israel decided to inflict another blow to anti-Semitism and wrote: cover of “the Thirteenth knee”, arguing that the Eastern European Jews the descendants of “Aryan” of the Khazar tribes who converted to Judaism.

Кто изобрел еврейский народ

The next day after the release of the book, the author woke up and anti-Semite zamontowania, and the Israeli Embassy in London directly asked how much bloody dinars rolled the Kestler… For the Palestinians after 1967, to say that Jerusalem is not a pure-bred descendants of the companions of Moses, which God (existing in the territory of the Russian Federation) promised the Promised Land was fraught.

All this is of course fun and funny, but then Ostap, E. Zand suffered. The fact that some descendants from the Khazars did not disappear, and remained in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Empire is clear. But then, the inventor of the Jewish people for some reason began to deny the relocation of the Jewish people from Ashkenazi to the East, from 13th or 14th century.

They say nothing about it not written plainly, and German the language of the Khazar Jews could learn from the Germans-immigrants. One can only wonder what in German is not talking Bashkirs roamed on the Volga, following the arrival of the Moravian brethren. And what this Putz wanted to say? We are not cultural descendants of Europeans who came to THIS COUNTRY with the civilizational mission, and the ancestors of some Turks from yurts and Judaism Slavs? Yes I did … However there is a theory that the Khazars converted to Judaism and the part is ready.

The head of the Zand writings are devoted to Zionist researchers pure the Jewish race deserves a couple separate posts. If we talk briefly, then part these guys believed that Jews in the Galut has degenerated and glory race will restore blood and soil, others thought that the contrary in the harsh conditions of the Galut Jews are smart and brilliant. Still others thought that intelligent and genius became only the Ashkenazim and the Oriental Jews is untermensch. All this of course was accompanied by observantiam skulls, the publication of relevant manuals on racial hygiene and creative contacts with recologne Reich, which was not interrupted even by the Ambassador of 1933!

After 1945, the struggle for pure Jewish race is a bit out of fashion, although the good Golda Meir kept saying that anyone who went to the Goy or sixoy, added to the 6 million victims of the Holocaust and of yourself. In Vogue the quest for the Jewish gene.

Don’t know whether genetics is selling wench of imperialism, but the fact that she is a whore no doubt about it. In recent years it appears there was even bred pure gene Cohen! And during the “peace process” was suddenly proven “commonality genes” between Israelis and Palestinians. However since the beginning of the second intifada all this as suddenly turned out to be fiction.

Кто изобрел еврейский народ

I think the conclusion of Zand clear. Jews are children of different Nations, in different centuries, have converted to Judaism. Well as it did a hundred or two hundred thousand Russian saliva in Israel in the 90’s together with Jewish wives and husbands, whose ancestors adopted Judaism for another 500 or 1,000 years earlier. And what about ancient Jews? Well, they still live in their villages under Shemom, Jerusalem and Hebron by going to Islam after the Arab conquest.

And according to the precepts of their ancestors (see David-Goliath), running around with stones against the aliens from the coast, clad in the armor on most nemogu. By the way, the founding fathers of Israel wrote about it without any complexes right up to 1929…

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