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Who has a tectonic weapon?

У кого есть тектоническое оружие?

All of the strongest earthquakes over the past 30 years, including in Japan, were of artificial origin. Is this true?

It has long formed a tacit tradition: after each major earthquake to blame Russia or the United States in the so-called tectonic weapons, that is, the directional targeting of the bowels. The horror story was born in the 1980s. Then the U.S. in almost every state built towers Gwen Towers. This network of 58 hundred-meter towers could create waves of extremely low frequency in the earth’s surface. And officially, they were designed to maintain the communications of the government of the United States military during and after a possible nuclear war. However, according to the supporters of “conspiracy theories”, these towers can be used to call earthquakes. In 1997, Alaska has earned another us facility – HAARP.
The field of 14 hectares, were placed 180 antennas and 360 radio transmitters. Officially it is built for the study of polar auroras. But this antenna complex remember, every time when the Earth can sometimes be a huge natural disaster. For example, Gwen and HAARP has been accused of the earthquakes occurred in 1999 in Colombia, Taiwan and Turkey, in 2003 in Iran, in 2004 — in Indonesia, in 2008 in Sichuan and in 2010 in Haiti. Like it or not — hardly know: Pentagon secrets reveals.


Los Angeles, CA, 1970. The city has experienced 8-magnitude earthquake that caused great damage to his infrastructure. The reason for the suspicion of “human intervention” was the city’s location in a seismically quiet area. Prerequisite for such a catastrophe was not. One of the hypotheses about the causes of earthquakes, which love to operate mysticism is testing tectonic weapons, which were held on military ground at 150 kilometers from the city. Supposedly something went wrong, or, conversely, “overly so”, and weapons with all its might fell upon the city.

The village of Gazli, Uzbekistan, 1976. The same situation is relatively stable tectonics and no prerequisites (although this does not mean that they really were, just people could not see them). Nine magnitude quake razed the village to the ground, yet managed to avoid a large number of victims. Tremors in the village, the local population has felt for a long time, so was preparing for the earthquake: people were moved into tents and slept in the open.One of the reasons earthquakes are called gas production using new equipment, such as tectonic weapons. The same speculation surrounded and later the earthquake of 1984.

As was the case in Nevada, 1992. Then all accused the nuclear industry, which exploded a bomb somewhere. Of course, no radiation in those areas was found. And Nevada cannot be called a seismically stable region. Small earthquakes are happening constantly, and rarely one of them happened in 1992, and seriously assume that this is fault of someone in addition to mother nature while not have.

In Russia, however, became excited about the secret weapons in the early 1990s. Then, in 1991, wild head heard the rumor: the Russian military blamed the earthquake in Georgia and South Ossetia in 1993 in Abkhazia and Yugoslavia, in 1999 — again in Abkhazia, in 2002 — again in Georgia. And today, the Internet have spread new rumors that the Japan fell victim to the testing of top secret weapons. And, most likely, from Russia, say the spiteful critics. Indeed, in recent years relations between our countries were rather tense because of the Kuril Islands. Here we supposedly revenge.
So we have a tectonic weapon? Because unlike America suspicious objects on the territory of Russia is not observed. Or our “harp” and “gweny” totally classified, or… no. For explanations we addressed to the head of the laboratory of pulsed energy in Geophysics, joint Institute for high temperatures Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Novikov.

“Seismologie” today, it is hoisted on a pedestal near Bishkek


All these rumors were not born on an empty place, we were very satisfied Victor. — In 1990-e years on geophysical polygons in the Pamirs (Tajikistan) and the Northern Tien-Shan (Kyrgyzstan), Russian scientists were really testing facilities capable of affecting the earth’s crust. But not for the purpose to rend the bowels, and, conversely, to extinguish the slightest tremors. And these trials were not secret.

The installation was called wonder — pulse magnetohydrodynamic generator, abbreviated MHD generator. It was developed in the 1970 — 1980th years scientists of institutes of the USSR Academy of Sciences under the leadership of academician Evgeny Velikhov, together with the specialists of the military-industrial complex. The generator was installed on a machine moved anywhere in the right place and at the generated electrical energy in a pulsed mode. Current is supplied to the crust and cheated on her condition.
– The experiments were conducted so — says Novikov. — The earth was established two electrodes at a distance of 4 km from each other — like a huge fork stuck in the ground. MHD generator connected to it, in ten seconds generates a pulse of several thousand amperes. The electric signal entered to the hearth of the potential of earthquakes to a depth of 5 — 10 km ground stations recorded signals in response — their variation was an indicator of impending tremors.

The result was installed very curious fact: during testing, the number of strong earthquakes near the generator decreased and the number of weak increased.

– This occurred because the pulses of MHD-generator was a kind of “trigger”, leading to the emergence of a large number of non-hazardous seismic shocks weak, — explained the scientist. Analogues of this machine in the world is still there. The technology of its manufacture — Russian know-how. When the Americans did a similar project, to replicate it and failed. Only in the USSR there were several such generators of different sizes. Among them, for example, was the installation of “Sakhalin”, the power is comparable — just imagine — the Dnieper!

In the future, scientists hope to create a special processing technology of electric earthquake-prone faults and to control the allocation of accumulated tectonic energy. For example, to avoid strong aftershocks could go through with such a generator fault and a little “protracta”. So it was possible to discharge the hearth and forget about the threat for a hundred years.

– But if earthquakes occur in the ocean, as it was in Japan, it is possible to reset the voltage down there?

– No. We need to understand how to implement a managed exposure to a controlled response of the earth’s interior. The principle must be as a doctor: do no harm. Otherwise, instead of relaxation, we can generate a catastrophe.

But based on your device you can create a seismic weapon?

– What is the weapon? It is a means of striking power required at the right time and in the right place. But from the point of view of tectonic weapons just on empty space to cause an earthquake is impossible. Because this is a tremendous energy which is commensurate with the explosion of several nuclear warheads. You can call an earthquake only where it is prepared by nature. And this is restricted by place and time. As to the force of the impact, invisibly to cause an earthquake is also impossible. If you want to “trahnut” another country thousands of miles away, you little know threat place of a tectonic fault, you have to make it a quite powerful impact. Therefore talking about some kind of seismic weapon is speculation.

The last start of the Russian unit was held in 1990. Today the test for a time discontinued. “Dangerous weapon” MHD generator “Pamir-2” took a place of honor on the pedestal at the Research station of RAS in the Northern Tien Shan. So in the Japanese tragedy of our scientists are definitely not to blame.

– But I hope that after completing the stage of basic research laboratory equipment and obtaining Finance, we again go back to field experiments at a new level of knowledge — promised Novikov.
The principle of operation of the device acting on the bowels of the earth


Leading specialist of the Russian expert Council on earthquake prediction, seismic hazard assessment and risk RAS and the MES of the RF, Vice-President of the Commission on geophysical risk and sustainable development, International Union for geodesy and Geophysics Professor Vladimir Kosobokov:

– Artificial earthquake was like, for example, in Haiti in 2010, have more than to blow up megaton nuclear warhead. As for artificial analogue of any of magazinstrasse (such as the 2004 Indian ocean, 2010 Chile and 2011 Japan) will require thousands of gigatons of trinitrotoluene (TNT), what will not suffice all the nuclear bombs that exist in the world.
If in relation to earthquakes to use the analogy with the ordinary gun, today, seismologists are not able accurately and reliably to determine whether there is a gun, and if so, whether it’s loaded, where it is the trigger, is there a fuse where the barrel rotated? It is obvious that, even with such “tectonic rifle” in there, it is simply impossible to predict in advance which way it shoot and with what force. In addition, the structure of the Earth’s lithosphere is relatively well studied only in small areas, therefore, the buyer “tectonic Arsenal” must realise that will most likely miss even if you select “rifles” and then pressing “trigger”.
Today no one in the world, there are still no reliable methods for accurate prediction of strength, location and timing of earthquakes. For example, all 60 of the strongest earthquakes in 2000 — 2011 years were “surprises” for a Global map of the International project GSHAP. Moreover, in half of the cases that were “very big surprises” instead of the expected “minor”.

So, is there a tectonic weapon really, you ask? From the point of view that almost every country has in mind the city and the state that she is not averse to pulverize in such a harmless way, but this still has not happened – no, tectonic weapons do not yet exist. Which, of course, does not mean that tomorrow or next week someone’s development in this area, which certainly are not successful, that is, the creation of a successful pattern of tectonic weapons.

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