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Who are we to read Pushkin

Кто мы такие, чтобы читать Пушкина

Who are we to read Pushkin as it was written. Now all I had to read the amendments at the moment. Gianni Rodari even vegetables resented the increased tax burden from Edward James Olmos. Well, it’s Italy. Where it’s warm. And we “Chippolino” and “Neznayka on the moon” will soon be read only under the pillow. There are so many allusions occur. “Three fat men” Olesha explicit call to the orange revolution. “Spartak” Giovagnoli, “Gadfly” – Voynich. “The count “of Monte Cristo” And so the tale of “the Priest and Balda the worker” and does the top of the liberalism and free-thinking. With the balance? Bitter – has called for a revolution. Saltykov-Shchedrin – mocked power. Lermontov’s farewell to her but did not say goodbye. Kuprin wrote erotica. Dostoevsky about some there is a tear of the child. Chekhov about women. Tolstoy was thinking. And this is now Oh-Oh. Can look in modern times? Prilepin. Like fit, but the national Bolsheviks. Defector. And this trust is more expensive. Pelevin. There about addicts. Sorokin – Mat-peremat. It turns out that there are no writers that are suitable to the example and education. Oh. Is. Medinsky. Director Laundry. Writes a lot, boring but ideologically verified. Chief engineer of human souls today. Not Pushkin, of course. But who are we to read Pushkin as it was written.

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