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When the opposition urges to kill

In any country there are those who want to make the world a better place for those eager to cash in on loud words and promises, and those who make one and all very bad. Of course, departments can be many more, but these are the main.

Когда оппозиция призывает убивать

Non-systemic opposition in Russia is a cruel hybrid of the second and third. Such as Kasyanov, Yashin, Sobchak and many others more often abroad than at home, but somehow I think that a better understanding of how to lead Russia.

They only want it to lead not out of a desire to make the country better. Just so they can steal money. But, in fact, who there opposition is. Even take the example of some:

Bulk doesn’t like state workers, courts and so on. Why? Because it is very well earned on the Yves Rocher and Kirovles. There was, too, an honest man, who will lead the country to a bright future, shame on you!
Sobchak is the daughter of Putin, therefore, probably, considers that has the right to open your mouth anywhere against the Russian authorities. Only here she is not a fool to travel to foreign countries and eat oysters, and then to complain that in Russia the trouble is, no such delicacies!

Kasyanov was the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and then decided to plot together with Nemtsov conspiracy before the presidential election against Putin. He then waited for him, a Pat on the? Anyway, it may very well be Mikhail Mikhailovich was making things worse just didn’t want to take out them on public display.

To list can continue, but one conclusion that the Russian opposition is not those who would like to try the benefit of the country. The benefit itself is another matter. A critique from the very easily and easy!

Когда оппозиция призывает убивать

Only over time, the ways our opposition chooses more and more sophisticated and cruel methods. For example, once there was a rumor that the nanny-killer of Gulchehra Bobokulov called his action revenge Putin for Syria, the opposition has offered to kill Russian pilots in Syria.

So what then are these “peacekeepers” in the face of dissent better than the terrorists of ISIS? And no matter how beautiful they say, the essence does not change anything. For example, writer and journalist Yulia Latynina spoke very difficult, twisted turns of phrase, but meant only that that the nurse was not crazy, and a terrorist: “uh no, sir, this is not crazy. The madness is never collective. When it is collective, it is called ideology… As it is easy to see by the example of Bobokulov, from madness to ideology — one step, and this step is called “collectivity”.

On the echo of Moscow in the program “Special opinion” leading Xeni I very much Larina actively impose Nikolay Svanidze, the notion that the nurse took revenge on Putin at that time, as he tried more to talk objectively on this subject:

Svanidze: “No, well, what could be a terrorist attack. This is clearly a crazy person. Terrible, insanely dangerous. Crazy person. Well as running around with an axe crazy people. This can be in a state of delirium tremens. Or able, I’m not a psychiatrist, but there are also such things as the madness becomes frenzy safe are public, and are socially dangerous madmen. Here it is extremely socially dangerous madman. That’s all”.
Larina: “You don’t care on what grounds she went off the rails?” “In this case we are talking about Islamic radicalism”. “You all saw what she was talking about. In addition to “Allahu Akbar” she said it was revenge for Putin that this was a sacrifice to Allah, in the name of Allah. I want to live in Syria.”

Когда оппозиция призывает убивать

Svanidze: “Any radicalism it is not only extremely dangerous, it is extremely contagious. This is a very contagious thing. Whether it be Muslim, leftist, fascist, right. Whatever. And in this case is no exception… I’m not interested to keep the conversation on the ground of insanity of an unknown for us humans. We know the circumstances of her biography, the circumstances of its genetic characteristics. How do we know where her madness? And this is why we should be interested? You never know on what grounds and what people went mad and began to run with an axe and cut somebody’s head. I have no interest in. She’s obviously crazy socially dangerous person”.

Well, in the end, at the “Forum of free Russia” in Vilnius (the capital of the country, which after becoming free from the Union to this day has degenerated rather than evolved) our “great” and terrible opposition decided that it would be Russian pilots in Syria to kill.

And these people strive for power. If they didn’t even try to seem adequate in his statements, what will happen to the country if they come to power. Not exactly happiness and prosperity!


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