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What to do if the landlords refuse to repair it

Что делать, если собственники квартир отказываются от проведения капитального ремонта

In a four-storey house № 13 in the street Lenin in Yekaterinburg in full swing overhaul. Workers change pipes for water supply, heating and Sewerage. However, as it turned out, replacement of communications is far not in each apartment.

– We were told that in our apartment to do anything will not be because the upstairs neighbor refused to repair, and the downstairs neighbor just doesn’t care, to him no one to reach out can’t, he never opens the door. And we need new pipes, complaining about the tenants of one of apartments.

To the question: “Why did you abandon overhaul?” – who lives upstairs said:

– We changed the pipes four years ago at their own expense. Consciously went for it, when done in the apartment expensive repair.

Turns out it’s a stalemate? Pipe heating, sanitation, hot and cold water General, pass through all floors of the building. But someone didn’t want to perform repair work in the house and not allowed to replace the communication that laid across his apartment. Arises the eternal question: what to do? Let’s face it.

By law, residents of each apartment are required to provide workers access to the heating pipes, water supply and Sewerage, since it is communal property. If the owners for whatever reason refuse to do so, the contractor will be forced to start a dialogue with them to convince the apartment owners that they only benefit. Of course, long negotiations lead to the fact that the repair is delayed: workers in fact spend the time not at work, and on attempts to negotiate with the owners.

Here’s what was said on this occasion, the head of Department of office-work of the capital repair Fund of the Sverdlovsk region Daria Bykova:

If residents are unable to communicate, to resolve the issue you need in court. But court proceedings are time-consuming. In addition, the contractor will have to pay all legal fees for your account.

Workers cut the old pipe, but when they come to put a new, residents say they want a non-metal, and plastic

Most often repaired from the refuse for two reasons. Sometimes the owners are afraid that when you change the communications workers drill holes in the walls, and then leave, nothing close up.

– According to the rules of all openings that the contractor will make updates to engineering systems should be cleaned, – observes Darya Bykova.

However, tenants are required to provide access to the pipes in your apartment: carefully remove all decorative items from walls and a floor, and then restore them.

The Russians have collected for the repair of almost 100 billion rubles

And it happens that the owners are already independently replaced pipe. In any case, they need to sign a special Declaration – exemption list.

In practice, if there are opponents of the overhaul, communications routed through their apartment, just pass: on adjacent floors, the contractor cuts the old pipe, put new and welds them to the pipe coming from the apartment of the conscientious objector.

According to Daria Bykova, sometimes the resistance comes to the repair of this blackmail:

– The owners allowed the workers to the apartment, they cut off the pipe, but when they come to put a new, residents say they don’t need a metal pipe, as required, for example, of plastic. But when repairing use only those materials that were originally in the apartment, just replace them with new ones. Technology is impossible to put metal plastic. This situation was in a Dry Ravine, in the alley Garden, 6, and Berezovsky in the street may day, 28.

Foundation repair explained the situation with new buildings. It would seem that if the house was built recently, why we need residents to help pay for the overhaul?

– The Housing code was amended, according to which the limit on contributions for new buildings. The moratorium lasts from one to five years. But in any case within three decades – planned renovation of the house, it will need repair. During this time, residents should save money for its implementation, – said the representative of Fund of major repairs.

Here the principle of “common pot”: all citizens who have not chosen another method of accumulation, pay contributions to the Fund, and from there the money goes to repair homes that are the first in line. And so repairing all the buildings in order.

Sign the act

According to the recommendations of Fund for major repairs, the contractor shall negotiate with each owner of the apartments located on the common riser, the start time of work and power outages. If someone from tenants does not want to carry out repairs in the apartment, the contractor should inform the Fund staff. The conscientious objector issue a document stating the terms of access of workers to the apartment. In the case of repeated refusal the refusal sheet is drawn up – the act signed by representatives of the contractor, as well as organizations engaged in construction supervision, and homeowners. If tenant for any reason not at home, the act can endorse two neighbors or members of the Board.

After the execution of the act the responsibility for the pipes held in the apartment refusing to repair remains with them, and in the event of an accident they will have to bear the consequences of the purse.

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