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What tackle is better?

Hard times came for fishing with ice when until the spring need to fish in the so-called late winter you can, only occasionally interrupted by short bursts of activity in fish thaw. Now, to entice the fish to bite and to achieve significant result of fishing, the angler has to go on different tricks, using the entire Arsenal of known gear and knowledge about the habits of underwater creatures.

Not always and not all the fishermen in a difficult period of late winter you can manage to pick up the keys to the almost-extinct fish, and a short time wasted is wasted in search of some illusory “formula fishing”. However, there are more fortunate fellows in the hobby who are sitting on the ice nearby and from time to time extracted from the wells is quite decent trophies. Therefore, having in mind such a successful anglers, you should assume that in all kinds of adverse situations, fishing might be done quite productive. But you have be aware of certain fishing “axioms”.

Primary among them is this: when bad biting to gain only two ways of winter fishing stationary fishing with float tackle or active work with the jig at different depths throughout the water column. And there is no need to compare or to contrast both of these methods, maybe even showing some disdain for the passive seat profusely about lured holes. Much more important to establish reasonable limits, the limits of applicability of these two approaches in the fishing science depending on current circumstances. This includes the prospects in the fishing of a particular fish, and the number of allotted fishing time, the fisherman and his addictions, and many other things.

And another “axiom” States that skillfully customized winter float fishing rod good for fishing schooling, but less active fish such as bream or roach, when their ranks are unable to make a competitive disorder, agitation, politely, and even to the bottom of the small, “seed” amount proven bait that can awaken the appetite of the fish. In this case, when, neat, no frills provisional and fed, will be able to force the fish to “condensed” in some place and start to feed, the bait on the hook also needs to be available treats, in any case, how can less be different.

And here is float fishing rod is indispensable: one to three larvae in winter, regular large bloodworms, wearing a small and thin hook attached to a relatively long leash, slowly sinking to the bottom in the column of falling particles of bait, unlikely to cause concern even cautious fish. Of course, not only bloodworm on the hook can give the desired result. Much depends on local fishing conditions. Places sometimes better roach takes the ball of dough, a piece of unsalted fat or larva “mugwort”, especially if the hole periodically to pour dry semolina, which, becoming wet, sinks slowly to the bottom.

And yet, it is often necessary to observe how the fishers “feed” the hole under the float rods smelly, produced in ponds of small bloodworms, and “drown” it in kilos, so even in a mixture of “aromatic” mud and trying to catch a large and clean lake bloodworms. This number takes place during the period of active life under water, when the fish though with disgust, but consumes everything that can be eaten. But in gluhozime, which is most pronounced closer to spring, the fish often leaves copious filling of baits, deteriorating water quality, taking her already limited at the close of winter oxygen.

To be right and much cheaper to prepare for fishing about 100 grams of large quality waders, mixing it with fresh and the right amount of moist breadcrumbs, in which some of the larvae to be crushed. This ultimately enhances the effect of even very small portions of bait such as particles and crumbs will “emit” the smell of bloodworms. The number of bait mixtures with large bloodworms weighing 200-300 grams would be enough without excess and environmentally safe “to feed him lots of” 4-6 “points” fishing to attract fish. Sometimes helps if the ready mix to “refresh” such a small amount of garlic or anise or dill oil, however, the use of flavors in ice water — it is very risky.

By the way, do not think that float fishing rod in the winter is only good for deep fishing in stagnant water of lakes or reservoirs. In addition to these standard conditions, using lightweight equipment, it can successfully catch a roach on a relatively small depth, and also bleak in Pology. And at a moderate for this gear is quite applicable, only if the balance is not selected under the float, and the strength of the thread — there’s sinker sinks to the bottom, quite a long leash with a hook or a light jig is mounted a little above it. In this case, the size of the removable float is selected from a prepared set such that it is not dragged under the water pressure of the flow on the line. However, it is often easier to replace the float storescom variable length and elasticity, and bait feeding through a fixed to the bottom of the trough, lowering it through a hole drilled in the 2-3 metres upstream gear. In General, and float rod are not so simple, it has various variants depending on conditions and fishing.

But if the fish is spread over the pond and netziv on the bait or significantly distributed vertically in the water column, there could be the more rapid and sensitive tackle with a jig and the bite detector in the form of elastic nod. In addition, the nod serves as a drive mechanism capable of making an artificial bait under the water to play, to imitate for fish, at least the behavior, of some live feed. Often the jig and helps out in the deep catching the same bream, when he just barely wiggles float, and the time for reliable hooking is difficult to choose. Only in the case of such a hesitant bite will need extremely small jig with a good hook and with just one crank on it, mounted polyolefms. It is desirable that the bait was tied on the thinnest fishing line-cobweb. Clearly, with such delicate tackle the hassle and fuss on a fishing trip there will be many, and the considerable skill it requires from the angler, and careful preparation of the space, which is very important when playing another trophy, but, though slowly, the fishing box will be filled with catch.

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