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What is one of the dangers of electronic cigarettes

В чем заключается одна из опасностей электронных сигаретThey are not as harmless as it may seem.

From that moment began an active anti-Smoking propaganda, intensified the sellers of electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs.

Harmful or not?

Help to quit?

Electronic cigarettes are de jure, is “an electronic system for delivery of nicotine”. As they are called in the world health organization (who). Yes, and the process is often referred to not Smoking, but vaping soaring. So harmful or not? To ban them or not? And why electronic cigarettes are so rapidly changing before our eyes, why they become so weird?

Smoke without fire. What are the benefits and harms of electronic cigarettes?
“The manufacturers modify electronic cigarettes to keep consumers, — says Daria Khalturina, co-chair of the Russian anti-tobacco coalition, she for many years engaged in this problem. Is actually electronic cigarettes the first generation have been banned long ago. It happened in 2013, and, in fact, the world is made in Russia — they banned our Ministry of health. The law stipulated that the prohibition of the production of goods, imitating tobacco, and outwardly they were similar to regular cigarettes. This gave impetus to the emergence of devices is very unusual, and they are even called a cigarette, and “electronic delivery systems nicotine”. The second generation will carry the device, similar to tune. And now the more common products of the third generation — is it something like box or bottle with a mouthpiece. They are called mods. In parallel with the reshaping of the device and increasing the bioavailability of nicotine during Smoking. This is because they are usually presented as a means to combat nicotine addiction. And therefore nicotine in them should be enough to get smoker’s weakened libido. But to make such statements about curative effects, it is necessary to prove them in clinical trials. Now they are held. While they only finished two of them, and it seems that they help a little. But we need to wait until other studies.

How does the electronic cigarette? Infographics

В чем заключается одна из опасностей электронных сигарет

Not lit, but the spoils

On the other hand, for electronic cigarettes a lot of claims. Though the products of combustion like regular cigarettes they do not emit (carcinogenic action have they, and not the nicotine), carcinogens in them too. Among them — acrolein, nitrosamines, particulates of metals and silicon. According to some estimates, their carcinogenic effect is 20 times lower than conventional Smoking, but it is. Harmful and the nicotine. First, it causes addiction and struggle with tobacco addiction helps only those who want to quit Smoking. If no such desire, then the person is nicotine addiction from e-cigarettes and it becomes a regular smoker.

Secondly, nicotine is very harmful for a developing fetus. It affects the brain development of the unborn child in the womb. Nicotine interferes with the formation of the so-called acetylcholine metabolism. As a result, children are born with problems from the nervous system, including low IQ and ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder). But a warning that pregnant women to smoke, these devices can not be missing.

In addition, in the United States was about 2 million cases of poisoning of children by the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. Moreover, one case fatal. Plus many of these explosive devices — many have e cigarette explodes the battery. With this are associated and fires. All this applies to the so-called e-hookahs, which are fundamentally not very different from cigarettes.

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