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Wealthy Muscovites have ceased to invest in the Moscow real estate

Богатые москвичи перестали вкладывать деньги в столичную недвижимость

Reduced investment in luxury real estate in Moscow from wealthy Muscovites, writes RBC with reference to the study of the company NICA Multi Family Office. Due to low demand in 2015, the dollar prices in the premium segment decreased by 10-15 percent compared to 2014, while in the luxury – up to 40 percent.

Such a drop in interest due to the devaluation of the ruble and reduction of incomes of buyers. In addition, investors no longer see in a luxury property an effective tool of saving.

Is real estate wealthy Muscovites prefer to invest in foreign. In the end, from December 2014 to December 2015, the number of transactions in the market for premium new buildings in Moscow decreased by 15 percent.

Markedly decreased and the budget purchases: if two years ago, the share trades at a cost of $ 1-2 million accounted for 47 per cent at the end of last year, it dropped to 31 percent. While the share of transactions with budget up to 500 thousand dollars has increased from 1 percent in 2014 to 13% in 2015. This trend will continue throughout 2016, analysts predict.

In 2015, potential buyers from Moscow, according to the service of contextual advertising Google AdWords, were mostly interested in property in Spain, USA, Italy, France and Germany.

The authors of the study examined the preferences of Moscow families with an annual income of from 15 to 100 million rubles (200 thousand dollars to 1.3 million dollars). Such estimates NICA Multi Family Office, not less than 84.3 thousand in the capital and about 98.5 thousand across the country.

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