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Washington Post: Turkey’s favorable scenario excluded

Washington Post: Turkey’s favorable scenario excluded
10:07 21.02.2016
Turkish President Recep Erdogan Taipa managed to create so many problems for their country on the background of the Syrian crisis that now their management seems daunting, if not impossible, writes the Washington Post.

Washington Post: для Турции благоприятный сценарий исключенhttp://cdn13.img22.ria.ru/images/137546/48/1375464809.jpg” data-preview=”http://cdn15.img22.ria.ru/images/137546/48/1375464806.jpg” data-description=”President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Archival photo” data-title=”Washington Post: Turkey’s favorable scenario excluded” data-mediadate=”21.02.2016″ data-copyright=”© AP Photo/ Presidential Press Service Pool/Yasin Bulbul”>

Turkey began a “strategic nightmare” – in its cities attacked by terrorists, is restless on the borders, and the allies are clearly ignoring her request, writes the Washington Post.

Four years ago Turkey was preparing to become one of the major winners of the Arab spring, the US put it in example, and in the region looked at her as one of the leaders. But that all changed after Arab protests failed, and the geopolitical landscape and the course of the Syrian war has changed. Now Russia is expanding its presence along the Turkish border in Syria and in Armenia, terrorists, sort out from Syria, are spreading fear among Turkish citizens, the economy is in the doldrums and within the country inflames the confrontation with the Kurds, the article says.

Washington Post: для Турции благоприятный сценарий исключен
© AP Photo/ Francois Mori

Time: Turkey losing regional power and continues to weaken

“Turkey is facing a multifaceted catastrophe. This is a country that often had problems in the past, but the scale of what is happening now exceed Turkey’s capacity to cope (with difficulty – ed.)”, — quotes the edition the Professor of international relations at Ipek University (Ankara) Gokhan Bazika.


This week Ankara has managed to achieve unconditional support from his main and the biggest US ally in the confrontation with the Syrian Kurds. Thus, she “was completely isolated and lost in maze problems, which is partly to blame” makes WP a Professor of international relations at Kadir has University (Istanbul) Salt Osala.

“It (Turkey – ed.) is so messed up relationships with everyone that now is not to convince anyone to do (for her edition) something. It is a country, a word which no longer has weight. She is bluffing and does not fulfill promises. It cannot protect its vital interests, and is in conflict with all, even with its allies. For the state, which until recently was perceived as an important regional power, these facts are fatal”, — quotes the edition of the Salt Osala.

Now Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to threaten a military operation in Syria, despite the fact that neither citizens nor the military do not support him in this matter. Moreover, he cannot gain support from the U.S., who fear that Turkey could provoke a conflict with Russia, and do not support her in the bombing of the Syrian Kurds, fighting effectively against the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Thus, Erdogan is pushing the country “deeper into the hole, from which there is no escape”, says WP.

Washington Post: для Турции благоприятный сценарий исключен
© 2016 AFP/ Adem Alta

Independent columnist: Erdogan will destroy Turkey, rattling weapons in Syria

The Turkish President is clearly overestimated its strength in the international arena and does not take into account the influence of all factors on its strategy in Syria, the article says.

“Erdogan has not coped with foreign policy because of his arrogance. He was too sure in 2010 that Turkey was a universal favorite and it hit him in the head. There are problems that are not the work of his hands, but for the way he copes with them, he is responsible”, — the newspaper quotes the expert on Turkey at the Wilson Center in Washington, Henry Baker.

According to Professor Gokhan Bacica, we cannot say that Turkey has gone mad and no matter what was get involved in a war, but it is clear that Ankara’s policy “is very strange and can lead to surprises.”

“What is happening in Syria – survival for erdoğan, thus, nothing can be excluded. For Turkey with this moment can’t be good”, — quotes the WP Gokhan Bazika.

The development of the situation — in a special project of RIA Novosti “War in Syria” >>

RIA Novosti http://ria.ru/world/20160221/1378203931.html#ixzz40nE9iu9c

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