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Washington is coming of a devastating tornado

На Вашингтон надвигается разрушительный торнадо

American capital in the coming days come under attack from the strongest thunderstorm. In the region there is a threat of flooding.

The National weather service, the U.S. reported an alarming forecasts: the residents of Washington warned of the approaching tornado. American capital and its suburbs may also suffer from floods. Now in Washington there is torrential rain, accompanied by strong gusts of wind. Its speed is about a hundred miles an hour.

In the last few days, tornadoes raged in the States of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Victims of tornadoes killed six people and dozens were injured. Homeless, hundreds of you, tens of thousands of residents still waiting to rebuild the power supply.

Recall that in late December last year more than 40 people died in the US due to tornado, hurricane and floods that struck the South of the country. The front of bad weather covered the vast territory of new Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama. In Mississippi, a tornado damaged hundreds of buildings, in some areas declared a disaster mode. Because of bad weather killed seven people, including a seven-year child.

In Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama for the last two days because of the storms and tornadoes 18 people were killed, about 60 injured.

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