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Volvo will roll car sales XC70 and S80 in Russia

Swedish company Volvo has announced the reduction of its own model line in the territory of our country in the near future in Russia will stop selling cars S80 and XC70. Information provided personally Michael Malmsten, President of the Russian division of the auto giant.

Speech about leaving the Swedish brand from the Russian market is not, so Volvo lovers can exhale: the company simply changes the model S80 and XC70 at the other two, much more modern. So, the Volvo S80 sedan will be replaced by the Executive the Volvo S90, incidentally, is also the sedan, but the crossover Volvo XC70 leaves the scene, that he was able to replace the wagon V90 Cross Country. The latter is endowed with a high cross, but to talk about it until there is nothing due to the fact that his announcement had not yet taken place. As for crossovers, Volvo in Russia is the all-new XC90 is a stylish, powerful, and expensive, zero endowed with a “moral terrain”, because, given its cost, few people will ride it off-road.

The official reasons of metamorphosis in the model range Volvo were not disclosed, but it may be due to neuteshitelny sales statistics: for the entire 2015 year, they fell by 49 percent, and S80 sedans across the country sold a total of 124, and that 66% less than in 2014. Crossover XC70 proved to be more popular, but less successful: sales decreased by 70% or up to 1040 cars. For the same reason Volvo is not going to start production of passenger cars within the borders of Russia.

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