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Volkswagen will cease to produce 40 car models

Volkswagen прекратит выпускать 40 моделей автомобилей The company Volkswagen will cease production of obsolete and unpopular car models.

German carmaker Volkswagen AG (VW) plans to significantly reduce the number of models manufactured from the current 340 to significantly less than 300.

First and foremost among the candidates for the withdrawal from production of bad included sold brand, the newspaper Handelsblatt. Many basic models are offered as two – or four-door options as well as convertibles and the Combi. The automaker, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage production with the emergence of each new variant.

VW itself has not yet commented on this message. If it is confirmed, it will be a radical change of strategy of Europe’s largest automaker. In recent years, VW has greatly expanded the range, but obviously the crisis has forced its leadership to reconsider plans, writes Handelsblatt. However, Volkswagen still plans to expand the number of produced vehicles up to 30 models by the year 2025.

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