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Vladimir Putin has puzzled the Finnish leadership

At a joint press conference with his Finnish counterpart Sauli nieste the Russian President in a confidential manner said that, despite the fact that the Russian Federation appreciates the neutral status of Finland, she respectfully accept the decision of the Country Suomi on the possible accession to NATO.

And then he added a spoon of tar: “Imagine that Finland joins NATO, it means that Finnish troops would cease to be independent, will cease to be sovereign in the full sense of the word, they will become part of the military infrastructure of NATO, which at once will be at the borders of the Russian Federation”.

Владимир Путин озадачил финское руководство

I think the Finnish President, judging by the expression on his face, too close took to heart the words of Putin

Thus, GDP has made it clear to their neighbors that they are free to choose with whom to be friends, so Russia reserves the right for an adequate response, because he understands the delight with which NATO strategists would want to fight Russia to the last Finnish soldier.

And then Vladimir Putin announced for the Finns, a rather mysterious phrase that the Russian troops are at the moment fifteen hundred miles from the Finnish border, will be forced to move close to it, to NATO’s partners felt on your face “breath”…

Apparently, the Finns did not expect from Putin such statement, considering that Russian troops stationed at military bases in St. Petersburg, Sochi and Murmansk enough to cover the border.

Now, after Vladimir Putin’s words, the Finnish press shivered, trying to figure out what specifically had in mind the GDP and the sight of some modern Russian weapons might be their neutral state, if you want to join the Alliance.

It seems that Finns are used to living happily next to the Russian bear, are frightened by the prospect of being one of the NATO targets in the Russian dash – and that alone is encouraging that the Finnish leadership will think a hundred times before to make a provocative offer to Washington and Brussels on the accession to the Alliance…

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