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“VKontakte” will refuse chronological news feed

Russian social network “Vkontakte”, many years ago, copied from Facebook, continues to apply marketed in the U.S. the network ideas. But if most decisions are really going to benefit the project, then abandoning chronological news feed, which will be discussed, hardly inspires rejoicing users. The network plans to abandon it in favor of the algorithmic order of publication of posts, as is done now on Facebook, but many account holders in the project of Mark Zuckerberg very unhappy with the way it works.

That “Vkontakte” plans to introduce a new algorithm for news feeds, said Boris Dobrodeyev, General Director of the social network. Moreover, the tests already carried out, and soon, it seems, our news feeds will show us the posts of friends and public servers, not from the time of their publication, and from our interest in them. How exactly will be determined this option still remains a mystery. By the way, mister Dobrodeyev did not invent the original reason for the desire to spoil the news but merely repeated the statement of Mark Zuckerberg: the algorithmic construction of the tape will allow account holders to receive only useful and interesting materials and avoid the so-called “information overload”.

Fortunately, “Vkontakte” is not going to completely abandon the chronological order of the posts, even after the implementation of the algorithmic procedure — apparently, the corresponding option appears in the settings menu. But how long she will stay is still unknown, because of the domestic social network is known for his ability to impose the users of innovations: let us recall the replacement of the normal “wall” on the microblogging widespread, and pictures with the inscription “Bring back the wall of the frame”. However, this innovation at the time caused a strong resonance too and threatened mass Exodus of users, and after some time, the original “the wall”, slightly modernized, has been returned.

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