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Vernee Apollo Lite will have a display made by Sharp technology IGZO

Now, when Vernee Thor is being hot sales, Vernee began his plan to launch a high-end smartphone, Vernee Apollo Lite. Shortly before this, Vernee officially announced that Apollo Lite will support technology of quick charging MediaTek Pump Express 3.0 who pleased their customers.

This time, leaked another important news, Apollo Lite will use IGZO displays from Sharp that will bring a higher quality image, better quality, determine touch and lower energy consumption than ever. IGZO is a crystal of elements that were difficult to crystallize: indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, which is achieved by a new arrangement of atoms.

The secret of this production creates a unique crystalline structure, which supports continuous stable operation. Therefore, the IGZO technology is able to give their unique features such as further improved image resolution and compatibility with the growing number of display types according to the technologies of tomorrow, to higher and higher levels of efficiency, performance and reliability.

Displays IGZO by Sharp is:
– New advances in the technology of crystals with 20-50 times higher speed of electrons.
– Incredibly high resolution with beautiful, natural colors that give a sense of presence.
– Significantly reduces the energy consumption required to display still images.
– Improved the sensitivity of touch panels, ultraconvenient.

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