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9 the main points that make Apollo Lite desyatiletnij the first of the flagship smartphones in 2016

1. The natural combination of technology and art
The combination of lines and curves, seamless plane and curved surface as well as the ideal 5.5 inch case, all this contributes to the excellent comfort Apollo Lite. In order to ensure the pleasantness of sensations, we use the most advanced technology in the industry, such as 3D-polishing, anodizing. Integration of metal, glass and protect against fingerprints and grease, Apollo Lite demonstrates the beauty and texture.

2. Chip Helio X20 has ten 64-bit processor cores
Compared to the previous generation Helio X10 (MT6755), Helio X20 has a 100% performance improvement. In addition, 16-agrarnyy GPU Mali-880 can guarantee a super smooth operation under all circumstances. MediaTek Helio X20 uses three processor clusters, each of which is designed to better handle different types of workloads. With the additional power of dividing the nucleus into three clusters, provides a more effective distribution of tasks to ensure optimal performance and extend battery life.

3. Digital music Lossless TYPE-C, even better than Hi-Fi
The new connector is the same on both ends. And support digital music with USB Type-C that allows You to enjoy music of a higher quality than Hi-Fi. 3.5 mm Jack survived too!

4. Camera Apollo Lite
Equipped with dual ISP and a dynamic depth of field, camera Apollo Lite is designed to challenge the best. By combining technology Isocell with a color filter RWB (red-white-blue), new image sensor improves the light sensitivity and color accuracy to a large extent, what allows to improve the quality in low light conditions. Thanks to the technology PDAF focusing speed is increased by 7 times, fast enough to capture every beautiful moment of your life.

5. The Sharp IGZO screen
As a strong competitor to Samsung AMOLED, screen Sharp IGZO is lighter, thinner and more energy efficient. With twice the frame rate of IPS screen, Apollo Lite has a smooth display screen, shows no delay in response. Dynamic display with smart brightness adjustment provides exceptional protection for your eyes. Equipped with Helio X20 unique BluLight Defender and smart Chameleon Display screen together with high grade from Panasonic and optimization software Apollo Lite has the visual effect of natural light that provides a superior reading experience.

6. Fingerprint sensor push type
Understands the fingerprint at any angle, certification FIDO. Safe and independent ISP fingerprint module, intelligent training and tuning.

7. Quick charge PE+ 3.0
With a capacity of 3180 mAh, 3 clusters, and energy-saving Doze mode from Android 6.0, Apollo Lite can easily run one full working day of heavy use without worry. Third generation rapid charging Pump Express with a capacity of 24W. Safely and effectively. 10 minutes charge will provide 1 hour of talk.

8. LTE 4G+

4G LTE provides super fast speeds of up to 300Mbps. There is support for 4G LTE networks, CAT-6, 300/50Mbps, Dual SIM Dual Standby (SIM +SIM/ SIM + TF).

9. For developers
Apollo Lite comes preloaded with Android 6.0, clean and energy saving. Vernee will maintain for a long period of time, software updates for Vernee Apollo Lite for OTA. In the new VOS for smartphones Vernee will be more simple and beautiful user interface with on-going updates in the future. We will reveal the kernel source code, so You can use Apollo Lite in its own way.

Retail cost of Apollo mobile Lite is $229.99. However, you can get a promotional coupon for $30 through Vernee on the official presale Apollo Lite. For more, visit www.vernee.cc.

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