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Valentin Katasonov: the credit and banking system aimed at turning people into debt slaves

Валентин Катасонов: кредитно-банковская система нацелена на превращение людей в долговых рабов

Collectors are small fry. As always, the organizers of the system of interest in the robbery and enslavement of the people by someone hiding behind. Collectors is the outward manifestation of years of the disease developing in Russia. Claims against debtors have bankers-usurers who are collectors.

But today another scheme: the bankers are committing an illegal action from the point of view of Russian law – sell their claims to certain structures, calling themselves collectors. Thus, the right to request allegedly transferred to the collectors who act on their own behalf and not on behalf of the bankers. This is a gross violation of the law! Need to dig deeper and look for the root of the current credit and banking system aimed at robbing people and turning people into debt slaves. This mechanism not only pumps money from the pockets of individuals, but also companies, public budgets, sending them abroad in the so-called offshore, foreign banks.

This well-built system, on the periphery of which are manifolds. We can indefinitely to deal with collectors, but instead they will have other items credit of the banking system. First of all, we need to raise the question about what Russia does not need such monetary system, which is a means of strangling the country and its economy. Central and commercial banks set interest rates that are not comparable to the rate of return and profits, so the Russian economy is doomed to bankruptcy and subsequent sale for a penny. We must respond to these outrages. This is a necessary but not a sufficient condition, so we need to constantly demonstrate how to construct this system.


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