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USA was involved in the death of the SU-24 in Syria

Knew about it, but actually it was confirmed yesterday the representative of state Department Victoria Nuland, commenting on the apology of the President of Turkey Erdogan to Russia for shooting down a few months ago in Syria SU-24..

США причастны к гибели СУ-24 в Сирии

“We are very surprised by such behavior of Turkey’s President Erdogan Rajaa. We believe these apologies are misplaced and would like to listen to the position of Erdogan personally. As a partner in NATO, Erdogan disappoints us. We hope that the apology to Turkey over the downed Russian plane will be invalid. Otherwise, States will be forced to change its relations with Turkey”, — said Nuland.

It also called on Erdogan not to change its position on the conflict in Syria. “U.S. urges Turkey to remain faithful to the democratic principles for which we fight in Syria. Different position of our partner in NATO, we believe it is unacceptable,” — said the representative of US state Department.

The Wrath Of Washington

USA lately, very nervous, meeting Russia’s resistance to his dictates. Americans annoy the Russian aircraft flying along its borders, posing on combat duty new warships, submarines, advanced air defense systems, using videoconferencing Bashar al-Assad…

The case went to the us military started to show Russia is acting legally in Syria, when and where to fly the aircraft of VC, in case of disobedience threatened their destruction. Another, the most recent example, yesterday’s incident with the patrol ship of the Russian Navy, the level of dangerous and intentionally crossed the American missile destroyer, causing the collision.

The US and NATO actively and openly demonstrate the preparations for war in Europe. Of course, with Russia. Of course someone else’s hands. Locating in close proximity to its borders of a military unit, tank and artillery regiments, creating structures, defenses, which are easily converted to missile attacks.

It is no secret that tensions a special place was allotted to Turkey, as one of the main partners of the North Atlantic military bloc: shot down by a Russian SU-24 bomber marked the end of just developed cultural and economic relations between the two countries, has given rise to a sharp increase in the degree of tension between NATO and Russia. Turkey was in NATO plans to engage in hostilities with Russia, and NATO with the United States immediately came to the aid of his faithful ally.

Now, thanks to the US state Department Nuland, we finally found out the culprit of the tragedy in the Syrian sky, the main killer of Russian military pilot.

We got there before the Turkish elite Nezalegnosti its provisions, or here was played by the economic difficulties that began to experience Turkey in connection with the Russian sanctions. Guessing will not. One thing is that as soon as a “loyal ally” tried to improve relations with Russia, he immediately received his portion of the wrath of Washington, which loudly announced that a “position… partner for NATO considers unacceptable”. Indeed, breaking bad’s plans, the more “faithful ally”. In General, diplomacy is discarded in the course went to open threats. As events will develop will soon.

And another thing I would like to draw your attention. The United States hopes that “the apology Turkey … is invalid”.And part of the Russian press as a team in the hostility perceived as an attempt by Erdogan to establish good relations with Russia: sarcasm, rejection statements, outright hatred of Turkey heard in some articles.

This is surprising, and even alarming. Any conflict ends with peace. Why bring the matter before the conflict, when it is possible to avoid it. Okay, US with their ambition, but we have something that supported these ambitions?

And here at the airport in Istanbul explosions and we already know that 50 people were killed. Interestingly, the attacks occurred simultaneously with threats Nuland in Turkey, who wished to make peace with Russia. “U.S. urges Turkey to remain faithful to the democratic principles for which we fight in Syria. Different position of our partner in NATO, we believe it is unacceptable”..

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