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Union offended

Kiev hopes to capitalize on the worsening of Russian-Turkish relations for Association with Ankara on the grounds of a common hatred of the Russian Federation

Союз обиженныхPetro Poroshenko (right) and Ahmet Davutoglu during a meeting in Kiev. Photo of Mykhaylo palinchak / RIA Novosti

Nadezhda Alexeeva

On Monday, the head of the Turkish Cabinet of Ministers Ahmet Davutoglu arrived on an official visit to Kiev. In the framework of the planned meeting with President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Groisman. In addition, Davutoglu is going to have a talk with the Commissioner for the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev and representatives of Turkish businesses operating in Ukraine.

The trip is clearly anti-Russian character. During the conference in Kiev, Davutoglu, in particular, made a statement in Crimea, saying that in Ankara, the Peninsula is perceived as an integral part of Ukraine.

“We strongly support Ukraine in the face of those calls that were made by Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union”, — said the Turkish Prime Minister.

Note that this is not the first recent contact the officials of Turkey and Ukraine. The visit of Davutoglu in Kiev was preceded by a series of trips of Ukrainian politicians in Ankara. Apparently, Kiev hopes to get a powerful ally to fight with Russia, and also hopes to obtain financial support, so necessary to the Ukrainian economy. Turkey recently refused to join anti-Russian sanctions, have today entered into a confrontation with Russia and its Syrian allies with a zeal that has earned it censure from the White house. Vice President Joe Biden urged Ankara to stop shelling Kurdish positions on the outskirts of Aleppo.

Kiev need the Turkish coast

Ukrainian politics was encouraged by the cooling of relations between Turkey and Russia, which began after the attacks of the Turkish air force Russian su-24 bomber at the end of November 2015.

In December the Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Tatiana Popova reported that Ankara turned to the Ukrainian side for “methodological assistance in the fight against Russian disinformation”.

Countries have intensified cooperation in the military sphere. In particular, Kyiv and Ankara have agreed on joint work to strengthen the security around the Black sea. According to the press service of the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, the work in this direction will be one of the main aspects of interaction between the two black sea States.

In December, the Kyiv authorities signed with the Turkish Corporation Aselsan preliminary agreement under which it will provide technical modernization of the Ukrainian armored vehicles and artillery systems.

Even before the incident with su-24 Ankara approvingly looked on the initiative of the Crimean Tatars, who took anti-Russian position. In August, Turkey approved the world Congress of Crimean Tatars, in which participants made a criticism of Russia. Now the Turkish authorities have carried out military support of the Crimean Tatar battalion of a name of Noman Chelebidzhihan, the purpose of which is the attack on the Russian Crimea.

Lobbies such initiatives ex-Chairman of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev, declared the Russian law enforcement bodies on the wanted list, and in the Ukraine took over as the Commissioner for the Crimean Tatars. He is a fierce proponent of Turkish-Ukrainian Union. Dzhemilev at the end of last year, visited Ankara, where he was received by the country’s leadership, and after the tour, announced that Turkey was “determined” on economic cooperation with Ukraine. However, while Ankara does not show special generosity toward Independence via Ukrainian partners loan is only $50 million (the agreement on the provision of this amount was concluded in the framework of the visit, Davutoglu in Kyiv).

Nevertheless Kiev is making every effort in order to enlist the support of Ankara. From the beginning of 2016 in the Turkish capital paid visits successively Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov and Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. Turchynov met with his counterpart — the Secretary General of the national security Council of Turkey Seyfullah Hajimahmudlu, who said that Turkey and Ukraine “should play a leading role in the establishment of an effective system of regional security”. It is easy to guess that under force, “destroying the balance of power”, in this case, both parties involve Russia.

As stated, following his visit to Turkey the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, Kyiv and Ankara should expand cooperation to jointly counter Russia.

“Cooperation between us, medium-sized powers of the region with global ambitions, is of great importance,” — said Klimkin journalists of the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah. In particular, the “power” expressed concern “about the human rights violations in Crimea, occupied by Russia”, and we agreed about certain steps towards “de-occupation” of the Peninsula.

About the seriousness of Ankara in relation to Ukraine is confirmed by the reaction of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to call “Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk”, which gave the prankerami Lexus and Vovan. On the question of whether the Turkish leader to discuss the possibility of coordinating joint Turkish-Ukrainian actions against Russia, Erdogan is without a shadow of doubt stated that adopts the proposal. “May you on this account will have no slightest doubt about it,” he said imaginary Kiev politicians during a telephone conversation.

Союз обиженных

Mustafa Dzhemilev during his visit to Turkey. Photo: whoswhos.org


Crimea is under attack

A few days ago President Vladimir Putin on the results of a surprise inspection of combat readiness of troops of the southern military district reported that the Crimea and all the strategic southern direction is well protected.

In the framework of the maneuvers in the Crimea were deployed additional reserves, Crimean group strengthened aviation and defense systems: this was stated by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The purpose declared by the President of the exercise was to test readiness of the district in crisis situations of various character. It is possible that under such situations, in this case, the command assumes it is a consolidated attack Turkish and Ukrainian military.

According to a military analyst, Professor of political science and sociology REU them. Plekhanov Alexander Berendeyev, the Union of Ukraine and Turkey is a danger to Russia.

“These countries have begun to converge immediately after Moscow launched an operation in Syria against the terrorists. Turkey, in fact, is at war now against Russia. First, this aggression manifested in the sharp statements of Erdogan, was then shot down our bomber, and now Ankara is practically supplying the terrorists with arms and ammunition, had also been killed by our military adviser. All this can be called true war acts. Everyone understands that the collision of the Russian and Turkish military in Syria is inevitable, as the Turks are attacking our allies. The Turkish authorities, knowing that the US is not going to engage in an armed confrontation with Russia will become even closer with Ukraine,” — said the expert.

Perendzhiev confirmed “Russian planet” on communications conducted in the southern district of exercises with increasing contacts between Ankara and Kiev.

“Russia is prepared to repel aggression not only on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, but also along the black sea coast and in the North Caucasus. The fight is also in the economic plane. For example, recently in Kiev organized a trade embargo, banning the transit of Russian trucks through our territory, and that is part of a single strategy,” he stated.

Thus, States which have turned recently to the sworn enemies of the Russian Federation, seek to combine efforts to combat our country. Although both participants of the anti-Union are sufficiently large and militarized States, managed very impulsive and radical politicians, a scenario in which this newly formed Union dares to strike at Russian territory, does not seem so fantastic. Moreover, the conventional “international community” is unlikely to arise in this case on the side of Moscow, even if the aggressors violate all conceivable norms of international law. Fortunately, Russia has its own powerful allies — the army and Navy.

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