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Ukraine: the dollar and the Euro continued to plummet

Украина: доллар и евро продолжают стремительно падать

The dollar and the Euro continued to plummet. The national Bank of Ukraine strengthened the hryvnia for 59 cents compared to the previous banking day.

The official exchange rate on March 4, the dollar – 26,21 USD, Euro 28,5754 USD, Russian ruble 0,3550 USD. This was reported by “Ministry of Finance”. Interbank foreign exchange market yesterday closed with the following indicators: dollar – 26,00-26,10 USD, Euro 28,3990-28,5030 USD, Russian ruble 0,3520-0,3540 USD.

Cash courses in Ukrainian banks were at the level of the dollar – 26,7000-27,2450 USD, Euro 28,8000-29,7000 USD, Russian ruble 0,3300-0,3700 USD. The spot foreign exchange market showed the following quotes: dollar – 26,7500-26,9000 UAH, Euro – 29,2000-29,4900 USD, Russian ruble 0,3600-0,3640 USD.

The national Bank in the currency auction has acquired all of the claimed $ 30 million. The banks intended to sell much more was 43.5 million dollars. The regulator has set a course cut-off level is 26,59 USD. Most of all, the NBU bought currency at a reduced price. At the maximum rate, the bankers sold only 4.7% bought.

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