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Two steps away from collapse: the US is preparing to write off Europe from the accounts?

The tragic events in Brussels set up many Western, and especially European, policy makers and experts in dire predictions. Good old Europe is gone.

В двух шагах от краха: США готовятся списать Европу со счетов?

And, it seems, forever, they mourn. But, gentlemen, this is just a statement of fact. Why in your heads does not occur natural in this situation, albeit obvious question: what to do? Or Europe just wants to go to the bottom, blowing bubbles sad? Or hopes that the U.S. somehow correct the situation?

Here is a sad quote: “At the moment we are two or three bad elections from the collapse of NATO, the EU, and, probably, of the entire liberal world order”. Wrote this recently – but before the Brussels tragedy – famous British-American journalist Anne Applebaum. Which for decades fought for the triumph of this liberal world order.

And again I want to ask: maybe this “order” and the resulting imperatives of NATO and the EU has sent Europe in a not very good place, where she is now? Maybe this is what has become “the beginning of the end”? The Europeans reply to these questions not in a hurry. Ready, apparently, to a new “abduction of Europe”. And as Zeus who is? LIH (banned in Russia and several other countries a terrorist organization)? Nothing to say worthy of a remake of the Greek myth.

By the way, under the destroyers of the “liberal order” it heralds usually do not mean some sort of jihadists and their European nationalists. That’s the absurdity of the situation. And, at the same time, her tragedy. For example, Le Pen promises that in case of victory on elections France will leave NATO and the EU. Liberal Europe is, of course, outraged by such statements.

And not even trying to understand why Le Pen wants to do. Because the EU is the best conceivable organizations, as NATO fights better against the enemies of the “democratic world”. Oh? Does really someone else with these arguments I agree, except for the Brussels bureaucrats? If so, then these people frankly sorry. However, the metamorphosis of the Old world did not begin yesterday. And they are the priority of any made-up values and the abandonment of centuries-old tradition and just common sense. That’s why conservatives and nationalists from the official authorities of Europe is not held in high esteem.

So who will save Europe? USA? And if they are tired of being eternal “Baywatch”? They may have other plans. Obama wants to Pat the shoulder of Raul Castro. And presidential candidate trump does and says that U.S. allies in NATO ain’t doing, and the Americans on the Alliance spend a lot of money. “We can’t afford it,” he said. It turns out, the trump offers a Europe to deal with their problems.

But to this Old world just least ready. Without pointing finger, he no longer knows what to do with refugees, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. How to treat Russia: view on the wolf, or is it to grasp that this is after all a close neighbour. Have the same Russian on this occasion there is even a wise saying: a close neighbor is better than distant relatives. In General, Europe really faces a choice: continue to swim with the flow or try to at least comprehend the situation in which she found herself. To begin with.

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