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True patriots of Ukraine would have done a Hara-Kiri

If to be a “patriot of Ukraine” means to rejoice over a fallen passenger aircraft, I’m not a patriot. If to be a “patriot of Ukraine” means to fight with the monuments, I’m not a patriot. If to be a “patriot of Ukraine” means to shell residential areas of Donetsk – I’m definitely not a patriot.


Настоящие патриоты Украины сделали бы себе харакири


For some reason I always thought that patriotism is not waving flags and spivaty gymno, and to do something useful. For the country, for the people. To create jobs, to produce, to pay taxes, in the end is to plant trees. One word – build.

Patriot of Ukraine is being absolutely useless and parasitic. It only produces hate, something breaks, someone is attacking, it stinks and brings food. There are two options “Pyshma” and “shame”, but they are useless.

The result of the activities of “patriots” for two years – a complete surrender of the sovereignty of Ukraine, the economic collapse, depopulation, civil war, soaring crime, all indicators on the level of the most backward African countries.

No, I would rather be a patriot of the USSR. There characters were not Nazi bastards, competing among themselves who will Rob and rape, and working people, leaders, Stakhanovites.

These Imbeciles who call themselves “patriots of Ukraine”, created for her the image of the country, where there live some wild aggressive baboons with clubs. They even managed to pull through to the exhibition in the European Parliament pictures of their “heroes” with tattoos in the form of swastikas. And they are so stupid and spoiled that don’t understand what’s wrong.

These Imbeciles with hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles, still under cover of aviation, managed to suffer a few crushing defeats from the hastily assembled militia with PPSH and Mosin rifles. Long ago are the living proof that Nazism and homosexuality are inextricably linked, These Imbeciles, who think of themselves as Aryans and supermen the other day took bribes from Soviet pensioners.

You see, when the samurai lost honor, they did harakiri. When the Romans lost honor, they would throw themselves on their swords. When the Vikings threatened to shame – they fell on their swords. The Cossacks, incidentally, is also often committed suicide in captivity.

While these ideologies are constantly told what they are ancient, how big they are, how they are superior to “Finno-Ugrians”, constantly referring to the Romans, the Spartans and the Scandinavians. But in life are terrible, incurable disgrace.

You attacked the old man? And get beat by a pensioner? Kill yourself, degenerate disgrace! 🙂

Take the only action that can bring benefits to Ukraine in the form of collective suicide. The fewer degenerates-Nazis, the better the gene pool!


Alexander Rogers, special for News Front

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