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Travelers rebuked Russian airlines to save on their food

Путешественники упрекнули российские авиакомпании в экономии на их питании

Travelers often complain that airlines skimp on their meals — portions of food has decreased, and alcohol was banned. Moreover, following the classic low-cost airlines are beginning to charge extra for meals on Board.

According to “Gazeta.Ru”, European passenger on short-haul flights used that power almost will not be. While in the cafes and restaurants in European airports the cost of lunch is in the same price range as the restaurants in the city.

“Accordingly, the passenger without any problem eating before a flight at the airport, which is not true of our airports, where in most cases the cost of lunch is repeatedly overstated,” said blogger and traveler Alexander Cheban.

The mentality of the Russian passenger has not yet changed — he expects free food and drinks on flights.

So, according to Federal aviation rules, airlines must provide passengers aboard a hot meal and a flying time of over three hours and then every four hours during daytime and every six hours at night. Most domestic airlines try to comply with these standards. However, I noticed Cheban, Russian airlines in recent years have a strong tendency to save.

“For example, “Aeroflot” on short-haul flights is now you can not order special meals. On the whole, sandwiches and meals on flights of “Aeroflot” became less,” he said.

Meanwhile, in catering companies noted that following the development of low-cost airlines classic airlines are beginning to introduce paid meals. Almost all European carriers have already refused free hot meals on flights up to three or four hours, however, many drinks and alcohol free. This distinguishes them from low-cost airlines. But that face is gradually erased.

“For example, Brussels Airlines (part of Lufthansa group), being a classic carrier, does not offer even simple water without payment,” says Alexander Cheban.

In Russia, the only airline that doesn’t offer food even for the money — the low-cost airline “Victory” (enters into group “Aeroflot”).

It is also noted that some Russian airlines are “tied” to alcohol in economy class.

For example, S7 in this class of service offers only soft drinks, tea and coffee making facilities. “Aeroflot” takes the passengers wine in economy class only on international flights more than three hours of flight in the following areas: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, new York, Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, male, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hannover, Stuttgart, Athens, Heraklion, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Rome, Milan, Venice, Amsterdam, Paris, nice, Geneva, Zurich, Tenerife, Split, Thessaloniki, Bologna.

However foreign airlines from alcohol reluctant to give up. In particular, the German Lufthansa on all flights, the airline offers passengers drinks, including alcohol.

It is noteworthy that the savings in power until they reached passengers in business class. For example, in this class of service on flights of “Aeroflot” serves seafood — salmon, the devil-fish, scallops, halibut, beef — lamb, beef, rabbit, veal cheeks, and the bird — chicken, duck, quail.

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