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Transnistria has run out of money: the monetary reserves reached mizera

У Приднестровья заканчиваются деньги: валютные резервы достигли мизера

Foreign exchange reserves of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic for the last three months has decreased in 2,5 times, reaching as at 1 March figure of $12.35 million this was announced by the Transnistrian state news Agency “news of Transnistria”.

Only last month, foreign exchange reserves declined by $6.4 million In December last year, the reserves amounted to $32,26 million, and in February of the current year for $18.75 per million

REGNUM notes that Transnistria is lately in a state of acute economic crisis, caused both regional and global crisis and economic blockade imposed by Moldova and Ukraine, and inefficient economic policy of the Transnistrian authorities and alleged large-scale withdrawal of currency from the Republic abroad.

In early March, the Central Bank of Transnistria has announced an acute foreign exchange crisis in the country and inability to meet demand for foreign currency. And the President Shevchuk signed a decree “On measures to stabilize the situation on the domestic foreign exchange market”, restricting the sale of foreign currency by the Central Bank of the PMR.

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