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Today is the “Total dictation-2016”

Сегодня проходит "Тотальный диктант-2016"

Literally at this minute in cities of Russia and abroad is “Total dictation” is an educational campaign, which since 2004 develops the culture of literate writing. “Loop” exists because of the idea of the participants of the student club of the faculty of Humanities of Novosibirsk state University, participation in the promotion is voluntary and free, you just need to register.

This year about 150 thousand people will challenge his competence at 2200 sites in 732 cities and towns around the world – almost twice more than last year. Leaders by the number of people willing to test their knowledge of the Russian language are Moscow, Novosibirsk is the birthplace of the project and, of course, the cultural capital – St. Petersburg.

In Novosibirsk the text will dictate the author of the dictation of this year, Andrey Usachev, known children’s writer, playwright and screenwriter. Moscow your reading will be pleased with Sergey Bezrukov, and St. Petersburg Mikhail Boyarsky, Boris Smolkin, Igor Kornelyuk and many others. I think the star cast of “the dictator” speaks eloquently about the scale of “Total dictation”. Separately, modeled the voice of the Cat the Scientist, “speech technology Center” was created using the technology of emotional speech synthesis.

But for those who are afraid to be trapped or to doubt their abilities, organized special training courses free of charge, which you can also go online. Still better to find out your level of proficiency in the native language and with not very good results trying to fix the situation than to go my whole life ignorant, isn’t it?

“Dictation is a challenge itself, it’s a reason to figure out how to work”.

In my opinion, the “Total dictation” is one of the most striking examples of public initiatives of the state. It is not merely indifferent to people’s literacy, it’s kind of a cult of the Russian language, Russian culture. And every year the participants are increasing, as is becoming more literate people.

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