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To resolve long-standing problems – it takes time

Для решения застарелых проблем - нужно время

Recently the inhabitants of the Sergiev Posad district of the Moscow region sounded the alarm – in the river Cunha appeared strange multicolored foam coupled with strong ammonia odor. Judging by the nature of the foaming, it could be synthetic detergents, including from wastewater.

After connecting ecologists, suspicion fell not only on a local chemical plant, but the nearest military town, where treatment facilities, as a result of years of unscrupulous exploitation of the managing company “Slavyanka”, which, fortunately, has already resigned, came in complete disrepair.

New managers – LLC “SE LF”, having entered upon his duties less than six months ago, got a whole heap of unsolved problems, most of which was revealed just now – in the offseason. All this time the employees are literally “ripping” here and there patching the “hole” is the result of gross negligence and connivance of his predecessor. We can say that the “SE LF” is put in a situation of chronic force majeure and severe time pressure.

Interestingly, assistance and support from municipal utilities to residents of nearby housing did not wait. Local authorities clearly are subject only to a formal sign: “object doesn’t apply to us, our business – side”. The consequence of this bureaucratic approach, it would seem that the General environmental issue, was a complete failure and ritual (in the presence of the press) “washing of hands” of local officials. And, they say, not for the first time.

It seems that the military, the utility just happened to be “extreme” in this story, becoming a convenient smokescreen to cover the problems of public utilities of the district.

Changes for the better promised by the Minister of housing and communal services of Moscow region Eugene hromushin. He assured the people of the region in more than 50 military camps already this year they plan to repair the infrastructure and engineering networks. Specifically in Sergiev Posad district to build two modular treatment facilities, and even a new boiler. Public debate on proposed reforms and the roadmap is in the field now and will be completed before may 1. *

God willing, everything will be so. In the meantime, a new criminal code has the discretion to rely on the understanding of citizens and the awareness of the authorities in addressing common problems of old housing district. It’s quite obvious that it takes a lot of effort, time and money.

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