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To feed or not to feed? – that is the question

Кормить или не кормить? – вот в чем вопрос

Due to the difficult economic situation in the country extremely important for working parents was the issue of the child in the kindergarten

If you had the opportunity to work part time or leave the children to grandmothers and grandfathers, now the situation has changed dramatically, even retirees began to work much more.

Кормить или не кормить? – вот в чем вопрос

By the beginning of 2016 in the capital there were about 426 thousand children who attended state preschool educational institution. Most of them now remains in the kindergarten almost until closing, because parents now do not have the opportunity to take them during the day. Accordingly, the Moscow city government had to make some adjustments in the daily routine of preschoolers. The vast majority of changes, as expected, touched diet is now quite hearty snack, which the children received immediately after the NAP, introduced a standard afternoon tea and a full dinner.

The justification of this measure immediately caused some parents doubt, although those certainly the minority. The cause of indignation was the fact that now, in their opinion, children underfeed, moreover, some of the parents began to suspect the power in the embezzlement of funds allocated to food, citing the fact that dinner eat. Strange figures seem to be operated by the defenders of their own rights. They believe that only 10% of the total number of children remain in the garden to the point where they are fed dinner. But it allocated 30 billion roubles from the budget. Even now, activists are preparing a petition addressed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

They require return of the old power scheme, not thinking about the fact that in this case can be harm the interests of the majority. In the current economic climate to pick up the kids from daycare much earlier can afford only those citizens who can be classified as wealthy, and for them the cost of food, usually are not the main item of the family budget, i.e. the extra time to feed the baby home – not such a problem. As for the representatives of the working class, and the majority of families, the situation is diametrically opposite. Introduction dinner for him: the child in the evening will not experience the hunger that will allow them to save a considerable amount of time and money.

We managed to interview on this topic with a physical therapist, head of preschool Department “Semitsvetik” school # 2005 Zhevlakova Olga Golodets. From her words, we learned that at the moment until the evening in kindergartens started to be significantly more children. If earlier to 19-00 in the garden remained units, but now most parents take their children about the closure, because they have to work more. In this regard, now is a great afternoon snack after NAP the children are fed twice: a small snack and a full dinner. Parents now do not worry about what their child will be hungry, and some moms say that the child even refuses to eat at home in the evening after a hearty dinner in the garden.

But once again quite useful initiative may wane due to discontent of the minority. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin has repeatedly faced similar. Despite his talent as a Manager, the public quite often took the opposite position, however, impossible to deny the fact that with it Moscow has become significantly more attractive city in all respects. And there is every reason to believe that the new system of power in kindergartens will be no exception.

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