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To Be Human

Forgive me countrymen, I don’t like Zenit. Perhaps because Zenit is Gazprom, and Gazprom is “United Russia”. Maybe because he was living in St. Petersburg, a fan of “Spartak”. Although, to be honest, “LUKOIL” is also not a charitable organization.

But there is in “Zenith” the person I respect immensely. Fourteen years ago, while training at the naval Academy, we sometimes moonlighted as security at certain events.

In October 2002, in sport complex “Yubileiny” took place tournament on mini – football. In a suit and tie, I stood before an input in podtribunnye premises, and did not miss anyone. Suddenly, the door came a slender boy, shorter and so I hesitantly said that he has to go

– Why?

Yes I have, I’ll be the Cup winner hand.

– Who are You?

– Kerzhakov, Alexander. In “Zenith” to play..

Imagine you threw a tantrum in his place Arshavin…. And Kerzhakov, I always liked and I always was very sorry that he is not a player…

But, however, this is just an introduction. I want to quote from Facebook. Many stars say beautiful words and name is on the deeds, but how many of them are able to Be Human?

“I really don’t like Alexander Kerzhakov. How he behaved in the locker room when there was a conflict over the Hulk and Witsel, how he behaved towards Villas-Boas. I don’t like the fact that he’s signed a new contract and he is now polishing the bench taking the place of younger players.

But you need to be fair and to thank him for the help and support of children.

Here’s a information on Facebook published Lida Moneva, head of the children’s hospice “the House with the lighthouse”:

“Today was just an incredible football player, “Zenith” Alexander Kerzhakov, despite a busy training schedule and quarantine before the games, got on a plane and flew from St. Petersburg to Moscow to the patient’s hospice, Lyosha. Alex is a fan of “Zenit” and dreamed about meeting with Kerzhakov. We knew that the personal meeting is not possible now (Zenith from morning till night training in St. Petersburg before the games), organized a telephone conversation, Alex was incredibly pleased.

But after this conversation, Danny didn’t tell anybody bought tickets to Moscow, to Lesha and came right back. Agent with am warned that I will bring gifts. And then suddenly the room comes to Alex Kerzhakov himself).

Miracles, and only:) Alex, by the way, met him in zenitovskoy t-shirt, zenitovskom linen zenitovskoy Cup on the nightstand. And in the evening we received a letter from my mom: “Alex is very happy.” I think no need to explain how expensive these words from my mother, which leaves the child. The picture with Alex for ethical reasons not published, and Alessandro Kerzhakov from us thank you very much, we are all now big fans of yours:) good luck at the games!!!”

 It is always important first and foremost to be human.

Respect, Alexander. Sincere respect.


Of course, in order to Be Human, it is not necessary to be a star, you just do not forget that you’re human. It seems to be just…. But this is not all…

And I’m glad Kerzhakov to not talk about it and not writing – Man! And no wonder today Petrovskiy just exploded when Alexander came on the field in the second half…

I don’t like “Zenit” and always cheer against him. But it plays Kerzhakov and I wish him happiness and good luck. And all of us – not to forget that we are human!

Быть Человеком

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