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Tips and rules how to restore the metabolism

Советы и правила как восстановить обмен веществMetabolism is the main and can say that the main feature of a living organism.

Ways to accelerate metabolism.

Food. There are many ways to restore metabolism. First you need to revise your diet to include all the necessary ingredients that enhance metabolism. Nutrition should be balanced, the body must replenish proteins (dairy products, lean meat, seafood), carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits), fats (sunflower and olive oil, fish oil). Eat small portions, 5-6 times a day. Try to eat at the same time, the body is ready for digestion and absorption of food. Use spices help to burn calories and improve metabolism. These include hot pepper, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon.

Restores the metabolism and strengthens the immune system folic acid found in leafy greens (spinach, lettuce etc), vegetables (all kinds of cabbage, beets, asparagus), citrus fruits and legumes. Take vitamins (A, C, D, b group) and minerals (calcium, chromium, potassium, zinc, selenium) to stimulate the metabolism and lymphatic system, consult your physician.

Water and drinks. For metabolism need the liquid, but simply pure water – without it, the metabolism is impossible. Water you need to drink at least 6 glasses a day. Plenty of fluids saves from constipation, helps cleanse the body. Numerous research studies confirm that green tea speeds up the metabolism. Coffee also has this effect, but only with prolonged use, the body gets used to the effects of caffeine and the effect is reduced.

Physical activity. It is necessary to increase physical activity. Any physical activity – running, swimming, Cycling, even walking – helps restore metabolism. During active sports is recommended to systematically take small breaks, it enhances the effect of exercise and speeds up metabolism. Do gymnastics in the morning, a daily 15-minute sessions will lead to tone the body, including a positive impact on metabolism. Affect the condition of the body walks on a Sunny day. The sun begins to produce vitamin D, improves metabolism, fresh air fills the lungs and blood with oxygen. If you are not able to walk or special training can increase physical activity through vigorous execution daily homework. Exercises can be performed sitting in a transport, computer or work Desk, and even while lying in bed (it would be a desire!).

Often take hot baths, visit bath and sauna – with this expanded blood vessels from the body toxins and wastes. Contrast shower and massage accelerates metabolic processes. Different types of massage (power, vacuum, anti-cellulite etc.) to effectively help to improve blood and lymph circulation in the body. Do not forget about healthy sleep in the ventilated room – if a person is sleep deprived, metabolism is slowing down. It is important to avoid nervous and mental loads and stress, negative impact on the Central nervous system, and hence on the metabolism.

Negative factors for metabolism.

1. Discard hungry diets. For the life of the body needs energy, while hard restrictive diets turn on power saving mode and the metabolism slows down.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol, otherwise you will not be able to lead a dynamic lifestyle and stimulate the metabolism. The violation of metabolism and lower immunity also contributes to Smoking.

3. Discard foods that slow down metabolic processes.

These include foods: high glycemic index (cakes, pastries, ice cream, cookies, cakes, candy, etc).; high in fat (fatty meat, bacon, smoked sausage, butter); foods with added flavor enhancers, preservatives, flavors, colors, flavors. It should be noted that the main factors of acceleration or deceleration of metabolism are hormonal predisposition, and various diseases, sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy diet. Recovery metabolism is a process that requires a comprehensive approach. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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