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Tina Karol has charmed the public with fresh photos

Тина Кароль очаровала публику свежими фотографиямиThe singer visited the morning program on channel 1+1 in a beautiful dress which did not ignore her fans.

For anybody not a secret that Tina after her husband’s death opened a charity Foundation which helps children and adults who need expensive treatment. Today, children’s Day, Tina launched the campaign together with channel 1+1 “Do good! Ti is not the only one!”, what she wrote on Instagram: “1 day from Cherven Zahist parenting miy, Blagodijnij Fund spline s TV channel “1+1″ zaklika usih, priynyati the fate of Blagodijnij Netiv #Toadoption. Zahist – TSE care. The essence ACC #Toadoption have to schob addition day skin man in the country of zrobila had something good I the useful for so ABO NSA, ditini. Whether Yak Initsiativa, b yaky won Bula not, Mauger, vrahuvati ABO just podaruvaty joy, help children together, yaki potrebuyut relief the uwagi. Pretty today as s the work that pagreitina zi sway dainow ABO I read the book; demotica Cup from kawi that perelachaise TSI grew from the Fund, yakomu wee dovrete. Shoddy to Lorn ABO dityachogo adobes your have. the features pridbati neohd help children together LKI ABO podarite ditch graske. Dwellers VI is not zrobili – TSE bude our segalini vnesok, yaky Ob DNA we have Susie, prikriti life Kono, ditini. Be h us! Be together!”.

Fans of Tina Karol was impressed with her appearance as an incredibly beautiful singer today appeared in the program “snidanok z 1+1” in a loose white dress, decorated with Patriotic red Rowan twigs and black leaves.

Тина Кароль очаровала публику свежими фотографиями

Тина Кароль очаровала публику свежими фотографиями

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