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Tiger 40 minutes gnawed the leg of a schoolgirl at the zoo

Тигр 40 минут грыз ногу школьницы в зоопарке
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In the zoo of Barnaul had an emergency. On Sunday after closing on its territory snuck two Schoolgirls. They approached the cage with the tiger and began to tease the predator. He grabbed one of them by the jacket, pulled closer and began biting her leg. Free the girl failed only after 40 minutes.
The tragedy that occurred on the evening of April 10 in the Park “Forest fairy tale” in Barnaul, shook the whole region. A few people have seen the tiger attack on the schoolgirl, who along with a friend snuck into the closed territory of the zoo.
“It happened at 10 PM. The zoo closes at 18.00. At 21.00 the guard turned on the light, the usual procedure, toured the premises, checked whether all enclosures are closed. When the rains come, the guard went into his room. At this time two girls, who are 13 years of age, climbed the fence and started knocking on the cage of the tiger”, – quotes the Director of the Park Sergei Pisarev AltaPress. According to him, tiger and all other cats, likes small prey, therefore, reacted aggressively to the behavior of girls. The predator grabbed one of them by the jacket, pulled closer to the cage and grabbed her leg, reports LifeNews.
The schoolgirl couldn’t get out of the clutches of a tiger more than 40 minutes. “All in shock, tried to save her, and it only angered kitten, and he tried to bite off a leg”, – eyewitnesses report.
The girl was hospitalized. Doctors have identified her personality – she was a 13-year-old schoolgirl Catherine K. Now he is in hard condition in hospital.
The doctors noted that the predator injured both legs Schoolgirls, and she was diagnosed with extensive blood loss. However, the Outlook experts give optimistic – feet have been saved, she will be able to walk after recovery.
Also the staff of the hospital took the girl analysis on the presence of alcohol in the blood. Apparently, doctors think that she was drunk during the incident.
The Director of the zoo emphasized that this is not the first such case in his memory. For example, one day a wolf bit a man who molested him. “In each cage we signed that approach the predators can not climb over the fence not to feed them is impossible. What else to do to warn them, I don’t know,” he added.

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