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Three of the most effective ways to look younger

Три самых эффективных способа выглядеть моложеExperts told what to do to look younger.

No matter how we tried to take care of yourself, there will always be some minor bugs. We know what it is! Make simple adjustments to the scheme of self-care and you will immediately see the result. Regularity, moderation and movement, and your face will be transformed.

1. Face care – like brushing your teeth

There is no coincidence that the term “beauty routine”. The ritual of skin care should be the same mandatory, kaki teeth cleaning – whatever you tired. Even the most experienced beautician would be unable to solve skin problems, if you yourself don’t see her every day. So let the ordinary, but it works cleansing-toning-gel-plus easy homemade masks and scrubs will always be in your schedule.

2. Moderation is the main objective

In a rush to rejuvenate your skin, we often overdo it. So, in a city there is no need to use day creams with SPF above 30.

Exception – a serious tendency to pigmentation or rehabilitation after peeling.
In other cases, sunblocki 50+ is appropriate only under the hot southern sun and in temperate latitudes the continuous use of very strong sunscreen only harmful to the skin.

3. Exercise is good for the face

Do not underestimate a massage and facial gymnastics. When correctly carried out, they are very effective. Fitness for the face, for example, teaches to pull some muscles and relax others.

So you can get rid of the habit to knit his brow. A properly and regular massage for the face has a lifting effect.

But to both directions really worked, important professional approach. So do not be lazy to find a good massage therapist and take courses of gymnastics for the face.

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