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The withdrawal of troops from Syria Putin has baffled Western analysts

Western analysts of all stripes once again showed his comments on the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw the VC group from Syria, that in any step of the GDP they see “evil intent”.

Выводом войск из Сирии Путин сбил с толку западных аналитиков

Apparently, they have thoroughly convinced themselves that Putin JUST does nothing. On the approach of Western “specialists” we have a good saying about that bad and not boring myself…

However, let’s look at how comments on the decision of Putin on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria senior research fellow at the Council on foreign relations, Columbia University Professor Stephen Sestanovich, who expressed surprise at the actions of the President of Russia with this question: “WHAT is THIS TIME CONCEIVED the SLY devil?”

The Sestanovich, assessing the validity of GDP as a “smart move”, it explains the fact that Putin has never sought to make the military operation in Syria was delayed. Supposedly, the Russian President has achieved what he wanted, but not seeing any benefits to full participation of Russian troops in the Syrian conflict, and also fearing that the continued participation of the Russian space forces in the conflict, can lead to the reduction of its rating, I decided to curtail its military operation.

But an American expert believes that such a step the GDP can hit and on it, offering three possible scenarios:

1) Putin will begin to withdraw troops, but will do it at a very slow pace. If this happens, the Russian President will confirm the reputation of the politician, not credible: “Remember, he said that Russian soldiers no in Ukraine, but they were there. He has told European leaders that leave from the Ukraine, but not gone. If in Syria it will act on the same sample, it will cost us dearly”.

2) once will not be Russian troops in Syria, the positions of Bashar al-Assad will again begin to weaken. And then Putin will be put before the dilemma: to bail out Assad or let him die.

3) If Russia withdraws its troops from Syria, the Western countries will start to act more actively in this country, if the next round of talks in Geneva deadlocked, and the flow of refugees will continue.

In conclusion, Professor Sestanovich concludes that Putin showed himself a skilled strategist, but his plan will work or not, entirely depends on the willingness of his Western partners against DAIS to cooperate in the same constructive spirit.

And I understand the concerns of Sestanovich, because, if we assume that Putin agreed with the leaders of DAYS their complete surrender, the final word in the implementation of this agreement will not Islamists, and their “parents” and Washington…

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