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The U.S. elections decided the first official candidate

The former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson on Sunday elected as the official candidate for U.S. President from the libertarian party

На выборах США определился первый официальный кандидат

During the second round of voting at the party Congress in Orlando, Florida, the 63-year-old Johnson scored 55.8% of the votes of the delegates, defeating major rivals — founder of the journal of the Libertarian Republic Austin Petersen and the founder of the company-developer of antivirus protection McAfee John McAfee. They were supported by 21% and 14% of delegates respectively.

Candidate for Vice President nominated the former Governor of Massachusetts William weld.

In his election program, Johnson is on the reduction of military intervention and minimize armed US intervention in the internal Affairs of other countries. “I am extremely conservative in Finance and extremely liberal on social issues. I will reduce military intervention, the consequences of which unwittingly put us in greater danger in the world,” he declared to Associated Press Agency, quoted by TASS.

In addition, the program provides for the libertarian tax cuts, the dismantling of the Federal departments of Commerce and education, tax service.

The libertarian party without representation in the Federal authorities, participates in presidential elections since 1972. Segdnyashny day the highest result in one percent of the votes was recruited in 1980.

For the first time Gary Johnson was nominated by the libertarian party as a candidate for the U.S. presidency in the 2012 election, where he managed to score 1.27 million votes and took the third place after Democrat Barack Obama and Republican MITT Romney.

As the expert, this time the chances of Johnson also small, however, in his favor could play that American voters equally negative attitude to the two drunk favorites of the presidential race – Hillary Clinton from the Democratic party and Donald Trump from the Republican party. According to a survey conducted by The Washington Post in conjunction with ABC News, where respondents were asked to answer the question: “do you Have a positive or negative impression about the candidates?”, the situation is this: positively about Clinton responded 41% of respondents, negative — 57% of respondents, of which 46% have developed a highly negative impression about oney. Trump, the results are similar: the positive impression he makes 40% of the respondents, 57% negative, 45% of which go sharply negative.

The United States presidential election will take place on November 8.

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