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The TV market in Russia halved

The economic crisis that was successfully launched in late 2014, has affected all spheres of activity of the Russians and all the markets of the country. Very not easy had the TV market — it is, according to information from the newspaper “the businessman” has decreased as much as half, judging by the performance of the entire 2015.

Based on presented data, in Russia the sales of TV sets fell by 47 per cent in quantity terms and by 56 percent in the equivalent cash. Almost all market players at a loss, in addition to the company LG, which not only managed to maintain its share but also to increase it to 29 percent, making it the leader in this field. Worst of all now the Japanese manufacturers Sharp and Toshiba have already “merged” by closing the relevant areas of their business in our country, and the share of Panasonic, formerly 2%, is now approaching zero.

Against this background, Panasonic has decided to import only premium TVs, as in this segment, its share ranges from 3 to 5 percent. Russians prefer Korean TV, as seen on the example of LG and Samsung, its main competitor, holds 28 percent of the market. By the way, judging by revenue, then the leader is Samsung. Analysts do not undertake to speak about prospects of the TV sector in our country, but hinted that the winner in 2016 will be only those companies whose machinery is assembled in Russia.

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