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The time has come

Время пришло

Last time in Europe I was in 1993, in Brussels and Warsaw. Studied. In the USA in 1994. Also studied at the University of the capital of Mississippi, Jackson.

Of course, what he saw shocked. From hungry and dirty, poisoned by restructuring Ulyanovsk sample of 1993 to get into a clean, well-fed and relaxed from Brussels he was still in shock. Most impressed by 2 things: a grocery supermarket, and how early in the morning, some cleaning agents wash the streets of Brussels. Center. But still the impression was strong, and because in General the town looked very tidy.

Supermarket, cafes, restaurants — all of it looked alien, perestroika confirmed the thesis about the inferiority of Russia, of the wretchedness of our life, and all of our Russian entity. Then I accidentally wandered into a dead-end street in 10 minutes from the centre of Brussels. It was full of Arabs and Africans. The dirt, the broken Windows of the facades, a group of teenagers screaming, holes in the sidewalks… the Shock of first impressions began to lose sharpness.

The study lasted for a long time, and the time was to put everything in its place. It turned out, police beat citizens with batons for crossing the street on red. However, drunk and at night. But in front of me. The citizen was painful, I feel sorry for him, and in Europe, was the order.

We had many meetings with leaders of different levels they have in offices, in cafes, in restaurants. In fact, during working hours. Drinking always! Beer, aperitif, wine, brandy… At that time in Russia I was also leading employee — as I have not been drinking. During working hours — for sure. And my companions did not drink. So we came to the doubt in the historical alcoholism of Russians. Regarding Belgians, anyway. Then there was an informal meeting with the Governor and Ministers of the government of the province of Ben-Oz. In the morning after the meeting, I painfully realized: we Belgians have nothing to be ashamed of. Their guys spill to yawn with them should not be.

Then there was Warsaw, also in 1993. the Luxurious hotel “MARRIOTT”. Dirty city, rude and annoying prostitutes. Positive experiences were not. I wanted to get home, to Ulyanovsk.

On his return we, as usual, summed up. Calmly and carefully.

1. Lead a healthy life, you bastards! Sweet to eat and fast asleep. Very respect. The history and state of their own. Very aware of their ancestors, the uniqueness of their rulers.

2. It is very important for them to take the correct position, to say the right words. Dissent — banished. Allow freely Express their views and then cast out.

3. Money very much. We don’t have that.

It was then, in 1993, we first critically thinking about the restructuring. The first doubts appeared. But the credibility of Europe remained high, but it really was an example of competent design of life of its citizens.

In 1993 we began to thoughtfully study the Russian history. In the archives books by serious authors. Newspapers and magazines ceased to be a source of knowledge. For he taught us Europeans working in the media. Were taught, how they operate and how the facts paint a picture for the layman. Their lectures were the main shock and the main experience from this training course.

But to live in Europe in 1993 was really better, safer and calmer than in Russia. Russia at the time was sick, in large quantities left her “healthy” people. They clearly know that Europe is always right, our rulers, moronic old (every one!), a shame for the state, Stalin was a tyrant.

The following 20 years, our company worked together. Hard, earning and losing, but worked hard. Time abroad was not. And here’s what happened: the most respected of us all January held in Belgium and Germany. Returned — sat down to discuss. A new shock. A week later, all discussed in a sober, cold and calm. And this is what came out.

In Europe worse now than in Russia. Worse.

Supermarkets are the same, as it were, as we have now. The same rooms, the same clothes. Even cars as we do, only smaller Vazov. But there is met. Working and well-paid Europeans live well, like our wealthy and hard-working. Neither in clothes, nor in food, nor in the cars are virtually identical. Pensioners who rent and no savings — I live very frugally. Not starving, not begging, but from a pension until retirement. As and our. There is no prosperous on state pension — no! In addition to the generals and Ministers, as we do. In short, the level of life we caught up with them. Well, almost caught up. Noticeable differences there. And it is a calm, objective assessment of the impartial observer. Not the journalist, not liberate. This is an assessment of a witness, who compared their experiences in 1993 and in 2016-ohms. We caught up with the level of consumption. Quality of life is surpassed. Yes, drove!

Now the whole of Europe on servace. On the streets military patrols with assault rifles, secluded streets, armored personnel carriers! Companion saw it all with my own eyes. Anxiety with anxious persons transferred to the police citizens and persons of the citizens disappeared serenity and confidence in tomorrow. Very often on the streets there are Arabs and Africans. They are everywhere — a kind of European “hachi”. And behave the same. Just think and imagine: in the streets of your cities, God forbid, military patrols and “hachi”! Presented? Congratulations, you are in Europe. Plus the main fear is: will there be war with Russia? What is NATO?! Believe in him only the Balts and the poles. The Germans and Belgians in horror from the prospect of war with us. About this war they were raving to their own journalists. Our buddy was just shocked by modern Europeans — they have lost the real picture of the world, they live in a world of media and the Internet. So drew a picture of the world and to hear. And so to live — no!

In January 2016 we have eradicated the remnants of past piety for Europe. And we with open eyes, impartially talked about the major historical landmarks in the history of Russia and Western Europe.

A history of modern Europe was laid by the Romans. They fought everywhere and always. War is the ideology of Ancient Rome, Remus and Romulus have absorbed with milk of a she-wolf and gave the conquered peoples of Western Europe. The Germans, the British, the French, the Belgians… from the open spaces of future Russia, the Romans never reached. Did not reach the issues of ideology, wars of conquest. Besides, our ancestors have always been introverted, our thoughts have always been directed outside their country — it was too big she is, our Russia. Us just enough. Why wasn’t the Russians Intrusive traction expansion.

And just formed the Europe in the 11th century went to the Muslims to fight for the Holy Sepulchre. Remember: the Crusades is the first geopolitical actions of the Western Europeans. And who now will be able to claim that Muslims have forgotten the excesses of the crusaders in his Homeland in the early middle ages?!

Nothing like Russia did. In its entire history — ever.

Then the Europeans gave themselves the Inquisition and the massacre of St. Bartholomew. That is, first divided into different religions — Catholics, Protestants, Huguenots — and then arranged between them bloody showdown on the grounds of religious intolerance. And all of these guys together were chasing the Jews. From Spain to Poland and back. Motivated by the same religious intolerance and Muslims. Russia never participated in religious wars. On our territory has never been religious strife. Our Tsar Ivan the terrible was the first Christian kings built in the capital’s mosque. Europeans call it” scary” and “bloody”, and they estimate that in 30 years of his reign were executed almost 10 thousand people. 10 thousand For 30 years… In that time the Europeans, according to their estimates, for the one massacre of St. Bartholomew the great atrocities killed about 30 thousand people. 30 thousand (!) night. At the same time the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada killed about 8 thousand people in 10 years. One 8 thousand over 10 years. About the bloodlust of the English kings 15-16-th centuries and he does not want — a sheer pathology. Tsar Ivan the terrible — loving liberal Democrat. So he looks in comparison with the contemporary rulers of Europe. The Europeans defame him, they had to hide their bloody past.

Then the Europeans discovered and began to explore America. And made genocide to the Indians . According to them, European, estimates, killed 100 million people. Think about it: 100 million people!

Russia didn’t do this ever, with anyone.

And then on the empty land from the Americas, Europeans began to import slaves. On an industrial scale, from Africa.

The ongoing slave trade in Russia was not involved. Never. Participated England, France, Spain, the Netherlands… Europe organized and participated. Russia — no.

By 1913 th year Russia was not inferior to Europe in anything. But Europe has continued to treat Russia as a backward and barbarous country, accused her of many sins. These bold, negative strokes in Russia Europe will conceal your ulcers. Russia of such ulcers was not. But Russia repented of their sins, earnestly and honestly. Because the sins were. Like everyone living on this Earth. Russia repented of their sins before God. And the Lord Herzen, Dobrolyubov and other radisheva made us to repent before Europe. And seduced and stuck.

And then samorini. Gave us the revolution and the civil war. And at the beginning of the 20th century, the Europeans had virtually destroyed Russia. Almost…But the Russians Stalin built up a great Empire again. And Russia won almost all of Europe. Fascist, as once Napoleon. Then everything went as usual.

The Americans created the atomic bomb. America has twice killed people the atomic bomb. America, not Russia.

America destroys whole countries in the middle East. America, not Russia. We help to Israel in 1948 to Syria now…

A very brief comparative excursus into the history of Western and Russian civilizations. So with whom we take an example, whose estimates are we waiting for?! And why do we assess them?! With their false colors they have demonized us, our history, our leaders. Made to doubt yourself, in your abilities. Forced to Crouch in front of them, begging their approval. They hide from us our truth and speak our judges.

Need to stop begging the Western assessments in accordance with their values. They have no value for Russia. Yes, and never was. the gays, lesbians, tolerate and gay marriage are not our values. Europe has no right to judge Russia. No. Their Story does not allow.

Our history has awarded us the luxury to speak the truth about themselves. Russia adequately have lived a thousand years — we can speak the truth about them. Only first need to know, get acquainted with its history.

And to start with Stalin. Its the Europeans slandered the most. Our efforts, of course. So it’s time to tell us the Truth about him — we are ready. Give data on the number of prisoners under Stalin and Roosevelt, the data on the growth rates of the leading economies of the time. Why we know the names of those killed in the great Patriotic war almost at the level of the smallest village, the most distant of the village — and the names of the repressed under Stalin where? Why all the storm of perestroika managed to rehabilitate only 120 thousand people?! And stopped by the “memorial” and human rights activists have been silenced…

Let’s give the state the estimation of activity of Stalin and his Ministers. This must be done, this does not go away. And a thousand times right by the English, when they say, “ she’s Right or not, — this is my country!”

Don’t need to rule our history — let us see it whole! And when will we see our history in its nature, without European tips, then we will become truly free and self-confident. We will see that we only have in abundance — spirituality, mind, territory, riches… We can live and grow, focusing primarily on their own assessments, their own morality.

It’s time to get acquainted with their own history.

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