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The terrorists were planning the attack for Euro 2016

Террористы планировали атаки на Евро-2016

Franco-Belgian terrorist group planned to attack during the European Championship on football which will take place from June 10 to July 10 in France. According to the newspaper Liberation, has said one of those arrested in Belgium Islamists – Mohammed Abrin.

He was the man in the white jacket and hat that accompanied the suicide bombers who have arranged explosions on 22 March in Brussels international airport Zaventem. After the presentation of videotapes of Abrin confessed his involvement in the terrorist attacks in the capital Brussels. According to police, he also participated in the preparation of the attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015. Abrina during interrogation reported, the purpose of the group was to strike during Euro 2016.

According to representatives of police, if what he said is confirmed, it will prove that Belgium represents one of the logistical bases for terrorists. According to investigators, the cells of extremists operating within the Kingdom for 10 years.

Currently experts are studying the information from your computer that were discovered during searches in Brussels. According to police, the instructions for the group came from Syria. The leader of the cell Abdelhamid was Abaout, liquidated soon after the attack on 13 November. After his death the remaining members of the group were in confusion, and the attack in Brussels they had done, fearing arrest soon.

News about the preparation of terrorist attacks during the Euro 2016 was not a big surprise for French law enforcement. After the events in Paris the authorities have considered such an option. In early April in Bordeaux, where it is scheduled several matches have already been held exercises on the security forces during the attack by the terrorists. Similar activities are planned in other cities.

The terrorist attack in Paris on 13 November 2015 claimed the lives of 130 people, as a result of three explosions in Brussels on 22 March, 35 people were killed.

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