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The sweets that you can eat during the diet

Названы сладости, которые можно есть во время диетыThey will not bring a lot of damage.

Sure that harmony and sweet – are incompatible? It is not so.

Even during dieting it is possible to treat yourself to something tasty, you just have to know what it was.

Because sugar is a source of glucose “fuel” for work of all organs. Besides, the Goodies stimulate the production of serotonin – the hormone that plays an important role in the regulation of mood, manages production of other hormones responsible for sleep, appetite, efficiency.

The main thing – not to overeat sweet: its excesses turn into fat, and this can lead to not only obesity but also with metabolic disorders. And, of course, necessary to choose the right sweets.

Dried fruits

The most useful sweets, of course, dried fruit. But among them there are leaders.

Dates, for example, is quite real competitors of chocolates. Among the fruits, they are sweet: 70% sucrose, and fructose. But these berries do not destroy, but strengthen the tooth enamel because they contain a lot of useful for her minerals. In the dates of more than 20 amino acids necessary for brain and nervous system. And a bunch of vitamins And strengthens eyesight, and immunity, folic acid and B9 affect the blood. By the way, dates to restore the disturbed microflora of intestines. And most importantly – you can eat them for 10-15 pieces a day. But not all these berries are contraindicated in diabetes, Allergy and some gastrointestinal diseases.

Dried apricots. Dried apricots contain more vitamins and minerals than fresh. Dried apricots are very useful for the prevention of visual impairment, protects against anemia, “sweeps” of harmful substances from the body and is a great General tonic.

Raisin – a sweet dried grapes, in which a high concentration of vitamins B1, B2 and B5. It is especially useful in case of overload of the nervous system. In addition, the raisins are mineral substances – phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and iron, which support the body during the spring the deficit of nutrients.

His Majesty the king

In the land of sweets is your king, many nutritionists call it dietary even treat. It is chocolate. A very useful thing, but not all, only black and bitter: there is minimal sugar, and cocoa contains substances that improve mood, stimulate memory, add energy. 10-15 grams of chocolate per day (one tenth of a standard tile) are allowed to eat even to those who are sitting on a strict diet.

But the chocolate must choose. Than higher the percentage of cocoa content, the healthier the treat.

However, fully trusting the label is not necessary. Some bakeries businesses instead of cocoa butter use cheap gerogery. To determine their presence can only taste the chocolate – it melts in your mouth and has a bad taste. So the best way not to run into a fake, buy the chocolate from well-known manufacturers.

Marshmallow life

Lose weight, but to abandon the sweet for you? From “no” there are exceptions. Almost perfect sweets, candy and marshmallows. They are made of fruit or berry puree, with absolutely no fat, adding only the egg whites and sugar. Obvious advantages of such delicacies high amounts of pectin, which rids the body of harmful substances. In addition, candy and marshmallows reduce the irritation of the stomach, so useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially for gastritis.

It is better to buy white marshmallow and Pastilla: in color is often added food coloring.

Jelly joy

Another tasty and useful thing – marmalade. It also contains no fat, is based on fruit?berry puree and some varieties add the agar-agar: this substance from the extract of seaweed contains iodine and is helpful for thyroid and liver.

What marmalade should prefer – regular (jelly, fruit?berry), or chewing – a matter of taste, the main thing – to choose quality. Be sure to read on the packaging that is included! First and foremost, pay attention to the dyes. Natural – Carmine, chlorophyllin, curcumin, beta-carotene, etc. But if used tartrazine or karmuazin, from buying better to refuse these artificial dyes are severe allergens.

The danger may be honest, and the string “identical to natural flavors”. If possible, take a look at the pieces of treats – a good quality marmalade dull shade. Bright color – often indicates the components of artificial origin.

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