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The story of a fake Nobel prize

The Nobel prize is annually given to the best figures of science, culture and politics. This award is one of the most prestigious, however, the controversy surrounding the fairness of her with the award going for a long time.

If the prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine and literature claim it is almost there, the prize for achievements in the field of peace-building them every year becomes more and more.

История о фальшивой Нобелевской премии

The largest number of disputes was caused by the Nobel peace prize, awarded in 2009. It’s been 7 years, and about the fairness of selection of the winner still do not cease. The fact that the prize for “huge efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” was given to none other than Barack Obama. To this day in the Network often there are articles in which the President of the United States subject to harsh criticism, but the call for Obama to return the award he didn’t deserve. It should be noted that such articles appear most frequently in American publications. Journalists confess that they are ashamed of their leader, who disgraces the honor of the country, taking undeserved reward.


Not to say that journalists are unfair in their accusations and doubts.

Barack Obama has advocated nuclear disarmament. Loud speech played a role, the impression on the listener he could produce. However, his subsequent actions were opposed to him. After the award, the U.S. President signs a decree on the modernization of nuclear weapons. How can there be any question of disarmament, when weapons are doing more sophisticated and more powerful, to prove his superiority on the world stage? In addition, the number of nuclear weapons held in readiness, not only did not decrease, it increased. In addition, many U.S. nuclear bombs remain in Europe, where they are not going to take out. Barack Obama also endorsed the development of infrastructure for the creation, modernization and maintenance of nuclear weapons. Thus, destruction is not implied in the principle, but the development is quite. America since 2009 has demonstrated significant progress in the field of nuclear weapons, while the world waited for the return.

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